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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Unfit Trump And His Rabid Supporters

Do you really believe Donald Trump has any of what it takes to serve as President of the United States of America?

If you are inclined to think,"Hell, yes" or if you are thinking, "He could serve as he has served as a business man." or if you are inclined to respond in a manner common to any Veteran, "fuckin eh,"  you have issues.  

Are you aware?
Donald Trump:
... doesn't know one key factor about US national defense: our nuclear triad. 
... has stated he knows more about ISIS then our military generals. (well, he may have access to info, from Vladimir Putin). 
...dispatched a son to start his post-RNC convention campaign to Mississippi with support from issues related to the Confederate Flag.  Donald Jr. and the Confrederate flag
... is now Internet battling with the family of a military officer killed in action in Iraq. 
... publicly exhorted Russian cyber intel operatives to work at hacking into data systems associated with the US govt (and a presidential candidate). 
... was unaware that Russia's Putin  has invaded and absconded Crimea from Ukraine.  
The list grows on a daily basis. 

Earlier today, President Obama used a very public platform to state his contempt for Donald Trump as a prospective presidential candidate.

Watch this and judge for yourself if Donald has something serious to hide.
Would any person who aspires to lead our armed forces ever lower themselves to an insane fight with parents of soldiers killed in service to America?  The answer is obvious, but take a look at how Trump's divisive and disrespectful comments affect those who have sacrificed most.  A mother falls victim to exercising their First Amendment free speech rights and receives a heckling from a Trump crowd. 
Another Gold Star mother spoke plainly and in a very straightforward manner.

We are what we think
What we think we may very well speak.  
When we speak we are exposed to our inner core. Of course, I am speaking from a perspective of humans with an inner core. Watch as you hear the GOP presidential candidate speak (obviously) without any inner core of decency.

Trump's mental processes and subsequent behavior is serving as fodder for Clinton and liberal PAC advertisements.  While, I am not one to spend lots of time on silly negative ads, I pay close attention when ads are derived from the actual words of a candidate's opponent. 

Let's take a look at how the Clinton PACs and campaigns are playing off of Trump's more disgusting remarks.

If you think the ads are a bit on the testy side, take a read of a Crooks & Liars piece regarding an incident from on early morning event.  A ten-year-old child yelled "lock-up the Bitch." during a frequent Trump sycophant yelping opportunity.  Yes, Trump supporters are a rabid bunch. A ten-year-old had to have been taught and coached  or coaxed to use such language.  Is there any wonder these people love Trump?

10-Year Old Child Yells 'Take That Bitch Down' At Trump Rally

At Donald Trump's rally in Ashburn, Virginia today, things happened that I would never imagine happening during a general election. He booted a baby, accepted someone's purple heart, and then this happened: A little kid is yelling "Take the bitch down!" when Trump mentions Hillary Clinton. A little kid. No more than 10, I would say.…

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