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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Flim-Flam Talking Head Says: "Trickle-down" Worked

When will the nation come to the reality of a Trump campaign operating in the "fake it to make it" mood?  Aren't we intellectually adroit enough to discern a lie machine as it rolls slowly across the psyches of celebrity loving sycophants? Shouldn't the discerning adult have an innate ability to recognize a modern day flim-flam man?

The answers to the question an obvious: "NO".    

The 'snow job" is compounded when Trump surrogates are allowed to draw ratings by broadcasting segments with over-the top talking heads. One such mouthpiece is Trump New York State captain chair.  While CNN gives the official many opportunistic to reach unsuspecting viewers, the network reached back for a fired employee as a rebuttal guest.  Ali Velshi seems to have found the network since Trump's elitist economic speech.  we are fortunate he "found" the network because CNN is awash in Trump facilitators who can no more talk economics than they can effectively challenge Trump. 

Joe Borelli, Trump talking head, and obvious candidate for a White House postilion actually spoke about the success of Trickle-down economics. 

The Raw Story
Joe Borelli, the co-chair of Donald Trump’s New York campaign, asserted on Tuesday that “trickle-down economics” — a policy which experts say failed under President Ronald Reagan — had “actually worked.” 
After Trump revealed his tax plan, which is expected to largely benefit the wealthiest Americans, economic analyst Ali Velshi told CNN that the numbers did not add up. 
“The top income tax level in America is 39.6 percent,” Velshi explained on Tuesday. “To allow taxes to go down to a maximum of 25 percent and allow for Donald Trump’s [spending] increases is preposterous. If he doesn’t get anything else — he gets his expenditure increases and his tax decreases — we’ll have a budgetary hole of about $9 trillion extra.”

“And Donald Trump says we’ll take care of that with economic growth because people will pay less taxes, they’ll feel great about the economy, companies will employ people,” Velshi continued. “That is classic sort of trickle-down economics which actually hasn’t worked over the last 10 or 15 years.”
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Trump state campaign official says Trickle-down worked?

Do you really need more validation of the Trump campaign and Trumpism as a dangerous doctrine for the nation?  If you need more evidence, wait until tomorrow, more will come.

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