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Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump Surrogacy Is Uglier Than Their Candidate

Political surrogacy is an ugly by-product of American Democracy. While surrogacy and punditry from both political parties can lead to nausea, and I admit to bias, the Right offers up deep levels of ugliness throughout the cable news daily broadcast day.

How aobut a visit with an unacceptbnle example form MSNBC and a lesson offer to a guest on CNN form another guest on CNN?

Andrea Mitchell vs. Bob Shrum: If The Clintons Had Been Transparent All Along Foundation Would Not Be An Issue

When the host attempts to promulgate as a surrogate

NBC's Andrea Mitchell and veteran Democratic campaign strategist Bob Shrum but heads on the relevance of the Clinton Foundation in the race for president. Shrum said the media is "making a big mistake" by "taking the bait" from Trump to talk about Hillary Clinton's health and the Clinton Foundation. 
"The press is making a big mistake, it's taking the bait, and I think the reason is they want to race. I love you, I respect you immensely, but I don't think that this is what the American people want to talk about," Shrum said to Mitchell.
"Let me just say, for the record, that sometimes our job is to look at things that may not be what the public wants to know about, but that if the Clinton Foundation, if the Clintons had been more transparent all along with the server this would not be an issue," Mitchell said on Tuesday's broadcast of her MSNBC program.

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When the cable news show guest reshapes the dialog of a leading MSNBC  show host you know there are no real news broadcast anymore. As stated above Andrea Mitchell should join the ranks of other Paleozoic Era news hosts and anchors. Her mental acuity seems seriously delayed and reading her TV prompter lines almost seems as if the task is a strained chore. Once, away from the scripted lines, she stumbles into virtual incoherent attempts to espouse against the Clinton family. And, she does so with each broadcast day.

Now let's take a look at how one CNN guest responded to a Trump surrogate who made the mistake of attempting to coax a Don Lemon show into familiar and comfortable "Trump Talk."

Short Version

The full segment

We don't see any need to opine or comment further.

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