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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Surrogate MInisters

Two so-called ministers...surrogate material?

If you habitually watch cable news you are familiar with the usual suspect Donald Trump television surrogates. Moreover, if you read the TPI from time to time you may have read this piece regarding Trump's surrogates. Some of his talking heads come and go. It seems the networks also add and trim Trump surrogates (for various reason), and Trump's team may also shave a few talking heads who do not cut the mustard as Trump prescribes. Yet, there is a core group who frequent any network which will offer them a camera. In many cases, the camera hogs should probably avoid television cameras and simply stick to issuing inane and disgusting comments.

Trumps talking head, Omarosa, is an example of an infrequent TV face who earns her Trump favors via occasional comment.  Her lateness blast of pure ignorance coupled with revelations from her mindset was as such: Some will bow down to Trump.  If Trump wins in November this writer will certainly not bow down to Trump. "All Hail to Ceaser","Heil Hitler" and "Mr. Trump', simply are not part of my personal psyche. 

Beyond Omarosa, there is another "So-called" Pastor who should take himself off the on-camera surrogacy list. Darrell Scott has again sat in front of a camera and validated my assertions regarding Trump surrogates. You may recall another cable news segment with Scott as its centerpiece. Lawrence O'Donnell hosted the segment this past June.  While right wing YouTube posters speak to Scott's "handling" O'Donnell, the segment clearly speaks to Scotts need to earn a living away from cameras. He is yet another of Trump's surrogates who are not cognitively gifted enough to try to carry Trump's frequently insane messaging. CNN provide the fodder for my argument.

As you watched the CNN segment, notice Scott was ill-prepared to be on camera from the first three seconds into the segment. He worked to absorb notes obviously handed to him by Trump's handlers. Scott seemed to grow frustrated with an inability to follow the script and resorted to what appeared as embarrassing and somewhat shameful. 

A former Bernie Sanders campaign head shared the segment with Scott. During the segment the progressive talking head mentioned Trump's (without question) following and support from American racists, white nationalists, and various other social scumbags. Scott was obviously ill-prepared for the full- frontal attack. 

Scott responded:
“The thing that kills is this,” Scott began. “Black people believe satire, black people believe parody. I mean I had a guy that I considered to be a very intelligent person, send me a headline from a satire website that said that Donald Trump plans on deporting all African-Americans back to Africa — and be believed it!
Satire? Is it possible the good reverend doesn't take a few minutes to read about the environment in which his friend Trump is leveraging for political gain? David Duke and other white supremacists are not writing satire. 
CNN's Brooke Baldwin intervened after the satire comments to facilitate the discussion. Baldwin's intervention was very weak, but nonetheless an effort to brig her segment back to the question posed by her progressive guest.
“Well, one thing that I know Trump tries not to be is reactive,” Scott replied as guest Sanders tilted her head and smiled. “And so he’s not reactive in his responses.”
“You know, Trump’s appeal or his engagement with the community is on a larger scale than the average politician,” he continued. “Trump can’t walk down the street shaking hands and kissing babies. It would be a madhouse.”
Scott also challenged comments about Trump's refusal to speak at the annual NAACP convention. His answered as badly as a preacher who lost his Bible, lost his voice, and was barred from the pulpit (wit no opportunity to share last Sunday's tithes).

If you can get past Scott's obvious need to avoid the camera, watch closely as he displayed a demeanor that is the antithesis of any preacher I have seen in a news segment interview.  Watch closely.

One reminder, Trump would have his surrogate cadre readily to serve in the White House.

The surrogate who Isn't

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