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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clinton Callsout Out Core Trump Supporters, Issues Regret And Trump's Son Issues Fake Photo

Look at the in Pensacola Florida last night! What a horrible statement.

Do you notice anything to the upper left of the image, Trump's wacky son posted on Twitter. Well, allow me to help a bit. Trump's son thought he would combat Clinton's recent remarks about Trumps bigoted, racist and misogynist base with a photo of a huge crowd. he crowd was purported to be in Pensacola Florida, the site of Trump's Friday night speech. Well,l as is frequently he case, the conservative reached int a bag of tricks and pulled out a false image of a large crowd. 

We can assume Eric Trump has not wherewithal with Photoshop. If he possessed even rudimentary skills int eh photo retouching and development software, the might have taken the Texas state flag out of the photo. Now look again at the upper left corner of the photo. It isn't customary for the state of of any state to fly like the Star Spangled Banner flag in an auditorium in another state.

If you are not convinced use of false video, false photographs isn't integral to advancing conservative ideology, take a quick read of an article posted by Media matters of Fox News in 2015.  What follows are excerpts from the Media Matters piece. The first paragraph below includes a must view, for anyone who needs a reminder of where Trump (the younger) probably learned his lesson in delivering message. Of course, we know he inherited personal traits regarding veracity and truthfulness.  Yet, on would think he would have caught the very visible Texas flag, unless he really did not think deeply enough to seek information regarding the Florida state flag.

Media Matters

Stewart blasts Hannity for using old video footage to inflate Bachmann rally attendance. During the November 10 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Stewart blasted Fox News host Sean Hannity for attempting to inflate the crowd size of Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-MN) Fox News-fueled GOP rally against health care reform by using footage of the crowd at the better-attended 9-12 rally. On the November 11 edition of his program, Hannity said he "screwed up" and apologized for airing "incorrect video" of 9-12 protests while discussing the Bachmann rally.

Democrat Mark Sanford. During the June 24 edition of Fox News' Live Desk, while covering a press conference of embattled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Fox News ran on-screen text identifying him as a Democrat:

Fox News presents deceptively cropped 6-month-old Biden clip as new. On the March 16 edition of Live Desk, MacCallum claimed that "after weeks of economic doom and gloom, the Obama administration is now singing a slightly different tune. Take a look at what was said in recent interviews this weekend." Live Deskthen aired clips of administration officials purportedly giving an optimistic view of the economy, which included video of Vice President Joe Biden stating, "The fundamentals of the economy are strong." However, Biden did not make those remarks during an "interview" that weekend; he made them at a September 2008 campaign event in which he criticized statements by Sen. John McCain. MacCallum apologized the next day, stating: "When we get something wrong, we admit it. We did so yesterday, and for that we apologize."
Fox News Watch's Scott claims "[w]e don't have any idea" what Biden said to AFL-CIO, but transcript was available. On March 9, Scott claimed on Fox News Watch that Biden's appearance at an AFL-CIO executive council meeting was "closed to the press," adding, "We don't have any idea what he said there." In fact, the White House released a transcript of Biden's AFL-CIO speech, and "a pool of print reporters" reportedly covered the speech at the request of the White House. On March 23, Scott said:
SCOTT: Before we go, last News Watch, we took Vice President Biden to task to giving speech to a labor organization that had been closed to the press. I mentioned that we, the media, had no idea what he said. Well, guess what? Turns out the vice president's office heard the howls of protest and did let a few print reporters hear those remarks. The office even put a transcript on the Web a day later. The veil of secrecy had been lifted, but we atNews Watch weren't aware.
Sorry, Mr. Vice President, we do know what you said.

Yes Trump the younger, knew he posted a false photo.
Occupy Democrats
Billionaire Mark Cuban and owner of the Dallas Mavericks quickly corrected him:
As did outspoken sportscaster Keith Olbermann:

Look at the  in Pensacola Florida last night! What a horrible statement.
Attn. @EricTrump:

The photo in your tweet about Deplorable Dad's Pensacola speech shows the Dallas Mavs' arena

You're dumber than he is.

While Clinton has issued a statement of regret (see below), we remind you (if necessary) that Trump most definitely has a core group of supporters who are racist, bigots, and misogynist.

On August 3rd, The New Civil Rights Movement website published a piece including video of Trump rallies with exhibits of the very lowlifes Clinton spoke about.

Except headline and video.

'Hang the B*tch!' 'F*g!' 'N*gger!': Uncensored Rally Videos Expose Donald Trump's America

And, they say Hillary Clinton regrets her recent remarks about certain of Trump's supporters

For those who have completely ignored Trump's abuse of all segments of the population other than middle aged white men, Clinton issued a statement of regret regarding her (alleged) generalization of Trump supporters.

"I won't stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign." —Hillary

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