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Friday, September 30, 2016

I Hate To Blame Everything On Him And I Don't", Mitch McConnell

For the first time since President Obama took office in January 2009, the US Congress (with GOP majorities in both Houses), vote to override a presidential veto. On September 28, 2016 Congress voted to override the so-called 9/11 Bill. The bill paves a path for the families of 9/11 victims to file lawsuits against the government of Saudi Arabia. The override was both historic and overwhelming. 

The US Senate vote 97-1 to override and the House voted 348 -77 to override. The bill and its overall aura during and so near the fall elections seem to have drawn-out the height of self-preservation from the US Congress. Well, as the average adult should have realized even with a modicum of contemplation, such a bill would lead to reciprocal acts from legislators and courts in other nations. And, you and I both know the US manages to flub-up via leveling death on innocents in foreign lands.

Yes, the GOP once again led in opposition and obstruction against the nation's 43rd President.  And, the obstruction was as stupid as deciding to jump from a 50 story building and deciding half-way to the concrete pavement below.

Obama's Press Secretary stated the Administration case with classic civility and poignancy:

The Washington Post
Traveling aboard Air Force One Wednesday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest called the vote “the single most embarrassing thing the United States Senate has done possibly since 1983,” when Congress overwhelmingly voted to override President Reagan’s veto of an Oregon land transfer bill.
Why are Congressional leaders within 48 hours of the override speaking about the level and scope of their legislative ignorance and leadership incompetence? All the while blaming legislative malfeasance on our president.

The GOP mantra: Blame Obama. Always. 

What you saw and heard via the Chris Hayes, ALL IN, segment is utter ridiculous.  It is also an advertisement for congressional term limits as well as another example of GOP legislative leadership at its worse.

If you need more to bring home the reality of lsing an ally in the middle east (and one with the oil wherewithal to fund any level of terror), check out this piece from the New York Times.

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