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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Media As A Conduit To White Nationalism (Supremacy)


Image result for white supremacy flagWe have published a few pieces regarding the failure of US media in both accurately reporting matters related to the 2016 campaign and it has failed to serve as a barometer and reporting entity which should seek real news related items. Items which can help a nation make the best decision regarding two presidential candidates who are not popular among voters and two candidates who offer immeasurable opportunity to fairly report.

The perfect example is the softening and the political correctness of using innocuous phraseology to describe social phenomenon which is as old as the Untied States.  The media has quickly embraced and adopted the neo-phraseology from the far Right: the "alt-right."  A phenomenon which is a natural manifestation of our world since Regan's 1980s. An adopted southern strategy) Kevin Phillips-Nixon and Lee Atwater-Reagan), has fully blossomed into a pervasive and spreading state of white nationalism never before witnessed in the United States. What might you think is the natural by-product of white nationals?"  White supremacy with fissures in anti-Semanticism, misogyny, and anti-LGBTQ rights. US media under reports clear and growing white nationalism while focusing on Donald Trump ratings-garnering celebrity worship and Clinton's frigging(rating garnering) email. While a digression, how much reporting did you see or have you seen of the killing of ISIS's number two serial killer?  What do you recall of a less than stellar jobs report with the associated reality of over 73 months of job growth? Did you even know the BLS published the Augusts Jobs numbers a few days ago?

Media makes choices that garner revenue while forsaken another key societal consideration: serving as a watchdog over government.  Yes, we know Clinton hasn't  stood for a presser for over 274 days, but we are not being given the intricacies of Trump adding another dogma operation to his campaign team. While Clinton should and will stand for a presser with the next few weeks, how really important is it to have media and the presser following the manipulation of the GOP and Clinton's stumbles?  If Clinton sat for 11 hours in front of a hostile set of members of the House,and if Clinton has been scrutinized by the FBI, what value is there is press conferences replete with reporters asking the same questions? I will suggest the value is ratings. 

Does media not care about growing white supremacy?

Msnbc has recently run a couple of segments with guest, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, founder of One People's Project.Jenkins appeared on the Rachel Maddow show as well as AM Joy the following weekend. during each segment, Jenkins asked the media stop referring to American white nationalist(And associated white supremacy) as the "alt-right." 

See at the 7:00 mark of the segment.  Why allow the far right ideology to facilitate how it is labelled? US media is culpable in literally advancing a movement that will one day force a national intervention. Yet, I suppose said intervention will also serve well for ratings and cable news advertisement revenue.

Why does a former CNN host lead the same assertion directly to the so-called "horse's mouth?" Soledad O'Brien literally brought it to Brian Steltar. I should restate the last sentence. Steltar and his producers must have known O'Brien wished to express a critical point. and, they accommodated O'Brien.

Will media police itself, or will media paly a role as did Joseph Goebbels played in serving the Third Reich.  To date, we are seeing the latter.

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