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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump, Surrogates, Fox News Polls Memo, Trump Debate Lies

Trump's daughter has a way of showing her reaction to the Trump Monday Night fizzle-down.


Time is short today so we offer a quick run through a few issues left lingering from the Monday night fizzle-down of Donald Trump.

We will start with a reminder of Trump's philosophy of taxes and advancing himself via the money of others.

"Other people's money"

 Let's undertake a completely biased view of the first presidential debate Our admitted bias is important due to the reality of a post in which we report on the sadness and ridiculousness of one Donald J. Trump and his highly compensate surrogates. 

We commence with Trump's over-the-top chauvinist act of interrupting his opponent (a woman of high stature who deserves campaign respect) over 50 times during the 90 minute debate. Watch the following Ezra Klein Vox video .

How about a couple of You Tube posts?

Published on Sep 26, 2016CBS News political contributor Bob Schieffer grilled Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, a Donald Trump surrogate, on her use of anecdotal evidence as proof of Americans' opinions. Rutledge joined CBSN's political panel ahead of the first presidential debate in Hempstead, N.Y.

Published on Sep 26, 2016

Donald Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson joins the CBSN debate set to break down the Republican presidential nominee's performance. Pierson takes questions on Trump's comments on race during the debate.
Sean Hannity offers Pied Piper support for Trump. 

Sean Hannity is hardly the beacon of cable news integrity.  If I recall Hannity has issues more I was caught posting fake and edited video on his show than all other Fox News shows combined.  If I recall, Hannity for weeks prior to the 2012 election posted a survey on his web page with exhortation to vote for the type of revolution to come if Obama won again. One possible response was armed revolution. After a tsunami of complaints and progressive news probing Hannity quietly removed the survey. Sean Hannity isn't the name a competent candidate for president should want near his campaign. 

Take a moment and contemplate the following from a noted republican who proved years go he is totally unhinged.

You may have heard Trump and his close cabal yelp about Trump winning the Monday night debate based on a set of polls. We ask that you pay attention to the fact the set of polls quoted by the Trump circus are for the most part online polls. What is the relevance of such polls? In some cases it is easy to take the poll with multiple visits. It is possible to sit and repeatedly hit favorable keys, refresh the page and hit the keys again.  There is no way of ensuring poll credibility related to its "so-called" respondents. 

Apparently, the person running Fox News (after the departure of Roger Ailes) has a much different paradigm relative to veracity in reporting. It seems someone in network manager has memo'd their show producers and hosts with caution about spewing results from online polls.
Media Matters

As I started this post, I recall stating the piece would be developed with total liberal bias. Herewith is an example of the veracity of my statement embodied in a piece regarding Trumps numerous lies during Monday night's debate, Of course, we know Clinton also lied.

Snopes recently evaluated a claim of Trump lying about his (in the face of 80 million viewers) that he did not say he was "smart" for not paying taxes. We know the truth, but since I mentioned Snopes, here you go: linked here.

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