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Monday, September 5, 2016

The Fallacy Of The Carnival Barker And The TV Network Church

When one's behavior is so uncharacteristic it draws am amazed look from another visitor (probably secret service) know you have stretched your carnival act to the maximum.

When the carnival barker reality show performer notices which camera has the best shot.

No, watch the carnival barker grab some camera eye contact.  Are we so very stupid he can pull the wool so far over the people who should flock from trump like a plantation overseer?  Watch....

Alas, what about the carnival barker facilitator: the TV church guy with the high diamond rings.

Al Sharpton's perspective

Isn't it amazing what money will do to a presidential campaign when the candidate is a billionaire performer who may 'pay to go.'

It is also important to note, Trump isn't playing the game for black voters, he is playing for your vote. He disrespects your intellect with a cheap show at a TV ministry. 

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