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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The TPI Gazette: Trump Upstaged By A Son; Trump Businesses, Pathetic US Media

Non-Progressive News...

War Hero Talk From A Draft Dodger

Time doesn't permit following, reporting nor commenting on the many manifestations of Donald Trump and his GOP. I am opting for a few quick reads (and video) via Facebook and Twitter posts.

I call it the TPI Gazette and its current focus is our world of Donald Trump and the GOP.

Let's start with a heart-chattering story about Trump's (fraudulent) University which was never a university. Universities must have proper certification and licensing to operate via regional and state charters. Trumps workshop never met the higher education billing while existing as a place for hand-out binders and speaker bureaus of inspirational speakers. In all frankness, one has to consider the mindset of people who would actually pay life savings to follow a carnival barker down a path to a placed called "rip-off." 
If you wonder why Trump is having success in what was once consider a civil, fair and open nation, check out the video link which follows. Without any words, the message is clear. People who worship Trump are people who have devolved into a seething US demographic which Clinton recently called " deplorables."

How deplorable Trumpsters celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth— The Baxter Bean (@TheBaxterBean) September 16, 2016

Imagine what follows from one of Trump's despicable offspring.

A bit more from a person we really do not need near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

View image on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. 
Donald Trump Jr. 

 This image says it all. Let's end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put America first. 
If you do not get the deep drift of "juniors" horrific use of the image, take a few minutes for a short piece from National Public Radio (NPR). As you read the piece, recall NPR is considered the most reliable of all US media.

Now for much more serious reporting from Newsweek.

While media is awash in Hillary Clinton's misfortune of falling ill and oozing over all things Trump, Newsweek published a piece of journalism which should have relegated the prospect of Trump's candidacy to that of an also-ran who should drop out of the fall elections.
BREAKING- #Newsweek to release Trump financial conflicts. @Progress2day  @maddow @kharyp— politico (@jimspolitico) September 14, 2016
Kurt Eichenwaldal on Trump's overseas connections

Linked video

If we as a nation do not recognize Trump as an international wheeler dealer who cannot serve in pubic office without consideration of his business dealings, we deserve what would come form a Trump administration.

As Trump Jr. traipsed across the airways over the past few days, another notable moment stands out. During a discussion of the Newsweek article and Trump's many overseas financial connections, partners and only heaven know what else, 'junior' asked for "trust me" as he stated his father would divorce himself of all business dealings should he win the presidency. "TRUST ME," from a person who's father has been rated by fact checkers as lying 91% of the time. Watch the following video at the 6:09-minute mark till its end.  "TRUST ME?"

"Trust me"

Let's end on a campaign related note. First, US media often mention Clinton's lack of "transparency." She was especially blasted after she succumbed to environment and issues related to "walking" pneumonia during herSeptp. 11, Ground Zero visit.   Well, comparisons show Clinton is far more transparent than her opponent. It is amazing cable media doesn't seem to find time to explore Trump's lack of transparency.

Since we are now on the topic of media coverage, how about a graphic showing the lack of coverage on an issue that is just today gaining traction (Trump's Foundation) vs. a case of "walking" Pneumonia.  Are we as a nation really this shallow?

Are we really so very shallow?

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