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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The US Economy And How It Impacts You And Me

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Despite conservative, GOP and RNC talking head comments about a dire US economy, the reality it we are experiencing growth that is just shy of miraculous as we consider how Bush left the nation.

Before we move to a set of critical charts from a Twitter Page called "Comeback Decade", lets spend a moment with a reminder of recent Census Bureau data regrading US poverty and income growth.

White House dot gov

15 million jobs created in the private sector since "job killing" Obamacare became law

 48 minutes ago48 minutes agoDebate Night Reminder: GOP says Obamacare is causing "skyrocketing premiums." In reality, premium inflation has come down under Obamacare.

  1. Debate Night Reminder: After a decade of stagnation and then collapse before Obamacare, middle class incomes are back on the rise.
  2. Debate Night Reminder: When GOP complains about GDP growth, they neglect to mention that it has risen since Obamacare passed.
  3. Debate Night Reminder: Uninsured rate for young adults cut in half since Obamacare became law.
  4. Debate Night Reminder: GOP says Obamacare is causing "skyrocketing premiums." In reality, premium inflation has come down under Obamacare.
  5. Debate Night Reminder: GOP predicted Obamacare would "blow up the deficit." Precisely the opposite has happened.
  6. Debate Night Reminder: American businesses have created 15 million jobs since Obamacare passed, compared to 3.5 million lost in prior decade
  7. Proud to play a small role in fact-checking the GOP nominee 12 hours ahead of the 1st Presidential debate (for a 2nd year in a row).

  8. Debate Day Reminder: At end of last GOP presidency, economy was losing 800K jobs a month. Since Obamacare, our businesses have created 15M.
  9.  In reply to 
    15M jobs created since Obamacare passed, but still insists it's "killing jobs." Other Cruz news: Up is down, Trump fit for office.
  10. . Bottom line: At end of last GOP Admin, we were losing 800K jobs a month. Within 1 yr, creating jobs again under Obama, +15M so far
  11. . Falsehood 5: Obamacare causing "Exploding health insurance premiums"
  12. . Falsehood 4: Obamacare responsible for "driving up the national debt"
  13. . Falsehood 3: "GDP is close to zero"
  14. . Falsehood 2: Obamacare is "bankrupting the middle class"
  15.  In reply to 
    Proof is really on Trump Train. Plugging Obamacare op-ed full of falsehoods. Falsehood 1: "killing jobs"
  16. Rated: True.

  17. White House says it's made the biggest push to reduce inequality since the Great Society
  18. . frames the economic choice: go back to when economy losing 800K jobs a month, or build on comeback.
  19. When POTUS approval high in '09, Trump called him "phenomenal," praised stimulus; when it dropped, Trump went birther; back up, low & behold

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