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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump's Disgust Salad

A Smorgasbord of disgust. 

As I awakened this morning I ran right into two conservatives on MSNBC literally gleeful about a reported CNN poll showing Donald Trump up by 2 points on Hillary Clinton. While, I am certain the poll is an outlier, and I have a deep suspicion it was conducted at the RNC headquarters (on the less serious side), the report is a sad commentary about any group of potential voters who still feel safe in casting a vote for a traveling carnival. 

From Trump surrogates through the candidate's outlandish comments the carnival is historic and wrought with danger.  Trump's comments, which are in some cases far more than just a carnival barking, could foretell danger for all nations. 

Is Donald Trump a carnival spectacle or will the nation deliver him to the most powerful position on Earth? If we consider those who speak for Trump the rational person should find cause for concern. 

Let's run through a few days with Trump as well as a quick peep at "The nation is headed in the wrong direction."

These are the people Donald Trump has speaking for him. We should all be horrified by this:

We are hearing lots from Trump about "pay-to-play."  Well, how about the prospect of "pay not to pursue."

How is the following story possible while so many are broadcasting, and slamming the Clinton foundation? The Florida Attorney General receives a cash donation from Donald Trump as her office is involved in investigating Trumps (alleged) University.
Trump's $25K to A.G. Bondi merits probe

Now for a quick look at "The Danger."

A visit with the callousness of war and our nuclear arms. Do you really believe it is "OK" to have such a person grip and play the world as its reality show?


The Photoshop....Really?

We now move to pure unadulterated political dirty tricks. As we consider the upcoming general elections and the plethora of polls across the landscape, will it surprise you someone would Photoshop a polling image and claim results from a very credible polling reporter: Nate Silver?

The Mashable


Trump pool report: "One thing I was just handed this, a new poll is just out, I believe its Nate Silver,Trump is leading 46-43 (APPLAUSE)."

I believe Trump is referring to an Ipsos poll of Ohio—which we list and some other sites don't. Not our poll though. 
More via AoL News

About Trump's major flip-flop (lie) regarding rounding up and deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. Are you sensing backsliding? Did you actually believe the early campaign hype about round-up squads? Well, times are a changing.  First, Trump and his sons are now speaking about not knowing how many undocumented people are actually in the US; the first phase of the flip-flop. They have also jumped to speaking about enforcing the E-verify system which is already in place and which employers often ignore. And, there is the business of (new language) rounding-up the violent undocumented immigrants and deporting them first. Well, the numbers of violent undocumented immigrants was well below 150 people  2010 - 2014. (video)
Would you also accept use of  fireman's emergency firehouse to water delicate yard plants?  

Have your ever heard Trump and his party speak about how the nation is on the wrong path? Sure, you have heard it. As the words crossed into your cognitive processes, did you allow consideration of a key and critical factor? The president is not the sole purveyor of US policy and he certainly doesn't stand alone in the "nation's direction." Have you heard this one? 

"I just think the nation is headed in the wrong direction."

So America's not working 4 u?
Sen: 54-44 GOP 😱
House: 246-188 GOP 😱
Govships: 31-18 GOP 😱
State Leg: 31-11 GOP 😱

Of course, our nation is not a unilateral dictatorship.  While the president has powers of the Executive Order, it takes Houses of Congress to move the nation via legislation. Moreover, the nation is also shaped via Houses of congress which refuse to work towards a cohesive national direction. Your vote counts because conservatives and millions of Independents will pay little to no attention to the graphic above.

Be aware of Republicans Bringing Gifts!

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