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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

US Media: Reality Show Entertainment

As we watch US media acclimate to Donald Trump as a candidate for the US presidency, we must recognize and call-out the dangers inherent in US Media. The days of media as it was during times of Water Gate and other decades-old political scandal laid bare by media is as dead as the Last Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Today we have ratings focused media first, actually relevant news items as mere introductions to commercials. CNN has so worn out the commercial return flash of "Breaking News", I personally don't look up to see what comes after the flash. What is the point? Cable news is awash in thrill seeking headlines while the big three of cable news seem to have each settle right of Center with Fox News out on the far right and MSNBC snuggling behind CNN for conservative viewers. Viewers who are obvious targets f MSNBC as the networks CEO ordered its managers and producers to drop its ''left lean."  Is it possible to deliver a stronger message to the viewing public?   CNN was recently exposed for reporting on surveys with an intentional slant to the right (eg. Donald Trump).  

If you watched any cable news over the past few days you have witnessed the epitome of ratings based reporting. CNN has so obsessed with Hillary Clinton's fainting spell on Monday, it has personally sickened me to the point of avoiding the network. CNN's morning news purveyor literally asked another CNN employee (Dr. Sonjay Gupta), it Clinton's bout with pneumonia could be a sign of brain damage.  

Yesterday while perusing Facebook, I ran across a comment worthy of sharing here and now.

Anonymous Poster....

Corporate media coverage is getting steadily worse as Election Day approaches. The Clinton rules are driven by reporters' and editors' desire to score the ultimate prize in contemporary journalism: the scoop that brings down Hillary Clinton.
A candidate who wallows in bigotry, who incites violence, who verbally abuses his critics, who is a self-avowed threat to the free press, who trashes U.S. generals while praising Vladimir Putin, who demeans Gold Star families, gets less negative coverage than his opponent, a lifelong public servant who is one of the most accomplished and admired women on the planet. It is an unfathomable reality. The sheer volume of Trump corruption stories is incredible. They are covered for a few days and then dropped.
Media outlets are simply passing along the partisan spin of hard-right groups like Citizens United and Judicial Watch, which are dribbling out these stories, without looking more deeply into evidence. Trump used money to buy protection from the consequences of his bad acts from friendly politicians and then tried to cover up his payment of protection money. And, yet the page space gets dedicated to Clinton Foundation stories which raise questions that could create appearances that reporters use when they haven't found what they are looking for. Hillary Clinton is always going to be presumed guilty of something even if they haven't quite gotten the goods on her. Many of these story lines have roots in carefully tested message frames concocted in shadowy right wing opposition research shops funded by conservative billionaires.
There is no equivalence between Hillary Clinton's wrongs and Donald Trump's manifest unfitness for office. No candidate should have the bar set as low as Trump's is. I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization
After being diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, Hillary Clinton ran a two-hour national security meeting, gave a press conference and spent an hour and a half in the heat the September 11 commemoration ceremony. It was an impressive feat of physical strength that obliterate months of health conspiracies. But after she felt weak and left the ceremony early, a feeding frenzy ensued. It is disgusting.

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