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Sunday, October 30, 2016

FBI Emailgate: Chaffetz, Comey And The Trump Campaign

After FBI Director Comey enacted what is increasingly apparent as a politically motivated effort to influence the coming General elections, Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton, offered a short notice brief presser.  During the course of the presser, Clinton stated director Comey sent his letter to certain GOP members of congress.  Later newscasts reported the email letter was actually sent to Democratic Party leaders of certain congressional committees.

It is not possible to overlook the prospect of Comey, a longtime Republican, decided against Justice Department standard practice and announced another initiative in the Clinton email matter mere days before a national election.

Alas, there are additional possibilities which seem to indicate Comey's actions were directly motivated to exercise political malfeasance. 

First, Clinton's claim hat Comey only sent his letter to Republican committee members wasn't totally factual, but it was most assuredly factual in a deeper sense. The Daily Kos has published a piece with seeming credible information that Comey's Gop letter recipients received their copies of the email well before democratic committee leaders. In fact, the disparate in timing allowed Gop congressional operatives to leverage their insight into Comey's political barrage before one Democrat even read the letter.

Another, and much more intriguing matter; the republican congressional Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz's unbelievable turn-around in his support for Donald Trump. 

After Trump's bus-ride video from a few ears back surface, Chaffetz "withdrew" his support for the sleazy GOP leader (Trump). During the following interview the Utah congressman invoked his daughter and wife as the bottom-line reason he would not support a person of Trump's moral character. 

"I have a teenage daughter and a wife"

Two weeks later along with reports he may have received a heads up regarding Comey's pending Trump supportive revelations, Chaffetz goes on Twitter and posted a tweet:
Jason Chaffetz ‏@jasoninthehouse Oct 26
I will not defend or endorse @realDonaldTrump, but I am voting for him. HRC is that bad. HRC is bad for the USA.
The fact that Chaffetz has joined others in the GOP in reversing previous positions of not endorsing nor voting for Trump shouldn't go unnoticed and unexplored.

What we know

Chaffetz's emphatic contempt for Trump (within the month has been reversed. A question of character and inner conviction.

Comey has now defied standard operation policy via his handling of the Clinton email issue. His strategically positioned press conference earlier in the year was considered well outside the scope of past practice. Why would Comey use the presser forum Vs. the customary written communication to members of Congress? His recent decision to ignore policy cautions (reminders) from the Department of Justice virtually ensures thoughts of his personal motives.  Why announce the insertion of email issues related to the nation's most visible pervert Anthony Wiener, mere days before election day; while Trump is lagging in the polls?


The possibilities

The Daily Kos is reporting Democratic Party a senior congressional aide has commented Comey's (for whatever reason) notification to Chaffetz offered opportunity for multiple cases of political subterfuge. 
Now, Shareblue reports that Comey may have provided early access to his innuendo-filled letter to Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, enabling him to tweet about it and frame the media narrative before Democratic members of Congress even received copies of the letter. 
Here is the statement by a senior Democratic congressional aide (emphasis in original):
Democratic Ranking Members on the relevant committees didn’t receive Comey’s letter until after the Republican Chairmen. In fact, the Democratic Ranking Members didn’t receive it until after the the Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz, tweeted it out and made it public.
Of course, We don't yet know if the information from Shareblue and The Kos are true, but if there is a basis in fact, we may be witness to the most audacious and democracy killing act in US history. Imagine and FBI Director as potentially culpable in shaping an election.  

The Coincidence (s)

Didn't Donald Trump recently contribute $25 million to his re-election campaign?

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