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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump "Grabs" And More Trump Lewdness Comes Forth

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As our weekend ended with Hurricane Matthew scooting east of 3/4s of the State of Florida's shoreline and traversing towards an eventual major landfall in Daytona Beach with another landfall in Charleston, South Carolina, another story pushed Matthew well into "also ran news." The Donald Trump reality show kicked up another level from daily inane and silly tweets, a horrible first debate performance and increasing hacking of Democratic Party computers systems to a raw and disgusting video of Trump at his most filthy.

Absolutely vulgar wouldn't you say?

As Trump and the GP/RNC reel from Trumps 2005 "grabbing video, you and I knew there would be more. It seems over a period of 17 years ,Trump was a frequent quest (in sleaze) of one of the nation's most vulgar and sleazy satellite radio shows: Howard Stern's garbage hours.

CNN has just published a story developed by Andrew Kaczynski, Chris Massie, and Nate McDermott with fine and revealing details of a Trump, who should be allowed nowhere near the US Presidency.  The man is pure vulgar and rich-man elitist disgusting. Yet, his acts of abuse associated with "grabbing a pussy" pale as the 2005 story fold into the following linked piece via CNN. Read and listen here.

As the old adage goes:  "When you wallow with a pig the pig loves you You have wallowed at his level in his pig pen ,and now YOU STINK. The GOP/RNC along with millions who support Trump now "stink."

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