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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trump World: Unfit, The Danger And You

Unfit and Dangerous to Human Kind
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His Words

Just so you know!  

Donald Trump's affinity for Russian and Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, has roots well beyond any potential president's ability to lead our nation.
Donald J. Trump has successfully taped into a conservative voter sentiment which appears very much-like the Brexit debacle. The New York city carnival-barker was very adroit in tapping into what I call US neo-racial (cultural) sentiment white fear, and the false facade of a successful businessman. The neo-GOP leader has "Etch-A-Sketched" away from political proclamations used in the GOP primaries to tap into a voting bloc that doesn't seem to care about his early lies. Also, his exhortation to Putin to deploy his hackers against the Democratic Party and the RNC was received with a level of unconcern which is as fleeting in America as professional Curling. And, Russian hacker through Wiki leaks have published much inane tidbits against the Democratic Party and our supposed democratic election process. 

His Surrogates

What would a good Trump be without a visit with his cronies and communications gurus? The following relates to Trumps snugly relationship with Alex Jones. Yes, the insane Alex Jones. 
Trump would have markedly less success at maintaining a corral hold on his supporters if he was well equipped with a cadre of talking heads unparalleled in US History. 
Let's check-in with another well known Trump talking head. sadly, I believe this motor-mouth is actually a state government official.

How bout let's check-in with another Trump "Presstitute." 

CNN Loudon

The segments was laced with enough humor to make it tolerable viewing.  But, a rational personal has to wonder what audience are Trump presstitutes reaching? 

Watch as Trump's campaign manager grows speechless when confronted with "those pesky facts."

If you need a better understanding of my use of presstitutes, check this out.

Real Fraud and Trump's Claim of voter impersonation fraud

Trump University. How did this thing run so long without compliance with a basic requirement that any US university or college secure and maintain accreditation through either national or regional accreditation authorities?

The Danger

Trump of late has taken his carnival barking vitriol to attacks on US Media (with an exception of Fox News). During a recent rally in Florida Trump rallied his crowd to the level of a seething  cauldron of deplorable stew.
“The crookedest people in the world. They are the media. They are trying to steal the election for crooked Hillary. Let them turn their cameras to see the crowd. Let them turn the cameras. They never do.”
We offer a few clips form the Daily Kos which show the full extent of Trump's oratory and immediate and subservient (plus deviant) acts from people who are, yes "deplorable."  Threats and physical acts against media.
CNN's Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, attacked to the level of a forced intervention for security officials.  
CNN's Jim Acosta

Danger to Human Kind

The following information from PRRI, Public Religion Research Institute, Offers insight into America's views on race, culture and intolerance of non-whites. OK so Trump isn't responsible for the excerpts that follow, but consider the prospect that Trump leverages what follows to corral and feed the psyches of his supporters. While, the data doesn't focus solely on conservative America. Notice the categories of Democrat, Republican, whtie and Evangelical.  The picture is stark and frankly shameful.

Excerpts from an article published 10/25/2016.

Two weeks before the presidential election, a new national survey finds that supporters of each presidential candidate view cultural changes in America since 1950 very differently. About seven in ten (72 percent) Donald Trump likely voters say American culture and way of life has changed for the worse since the 1950s, while roughly as many (70 percent) Hillary Clinton likely voters say things have changed for the better since that time. 
The nonpartisan research organization PRRI conducted the 2016 American Values Survey among a sample of 2,010 Americans between September 1 and 27, 2016. 

Another PRRI piece, published today, shows a significant difference in Republican perception of the manner in which Cops treat blacks than Independents and Democrats. 
The Divide Over America’s Future: 1950 or 2050?VII. Views of the Criminal Justice System (Interactive chart available via this linked title)

Police Treatment of Black Americans

Americans are divided about whether police officers generally treat blacks and other minorities the same as whites. A majority (52%) of Americans agree that police officers generally treat nonwhite and white Americans the same, while 47% disagree. This represents a notable increase from 2015, when only 41% of the public said police officers treat nonwhite and white people the same. 

The racial and ethnic divisions on this issue are profound, while class divisions among white Americans are muted. Roughly eight in ten (79%) black Americans and more than six in ten (62%) Hispanic Americans reject the idea that police officers treat everyone the same. In stark contrast, nearly two-thirds (64%) of white Americans, including strong majorities of the white working class (66%) and the white college educated (59%), agree that police officers are generally evenhanded in their treatment of nonwhite and white Americans. 

There are enduring political divisions in views about the behavior of police. Fully eight in ten (80%) Republicans, but only about one-third (32%) of Democrats, agree police officers generally treat blacks, other minorities, and whites the same. In sharp contrast, two-thirds (67%) of Democrats disagree. Notably, a majority (58%) of white Democrats also believe police officers do not treat nonwhite people the same as whites.
Source: PRRI 2016 American Values Survey.
Divide? It certainly seems we live in a dangerous world....and it doesn't have to be as such.

At the risk of a piece which is a bit longer than advisable, two weeks before the general elections we will run the risk of showing where "danger to Human Kind" leads. Overt racism is becoming as common place as the American Hot Dog. It is ugly and Trump leverages it for political and financial gain, and many Americans refuse to accept the reality.

We have embed a video after posting a comment from a black award winning TV journalist and an interaction with an American "deplorable."

“He basically said, ‘There’s a black guy here. No, wait a minute, he’s a slave. No wait a minute, he’s a ‘n-word,’ ” Crump told The Post.

And there you go.....

Regardless of how you perceive conservative American and its neo-party leader, Donald J. Trump, it is important to recall, where there is smoke there is always fire.

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