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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day Reminders and Obama Accomplishments Reaches 400

Election Day Reminder: Job growth under policies of last 4 presidents - 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats:

Election Day Reminder: Our economy was losing 800K jobs a month at end of last Republican presidency; it's created 15M under Dem policies.

Election Day Reminder: After a decade of stagnating and then collapsing under Republican policies, middle-class income is back on the rise.

. And the robust job creation we've experienced since then represents a dramatic turnaround from the lost decade before :

The following doesn't lend itself to a one day review. Milt Shook has updated his "living archive" of President Obama's Accomplishments since January 2009.  The number has exceeded 400 validated and cited accomplishments.  I will wager Obama has a couple of surprises ready for his last few weeks in the Oval Office.


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