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Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump Quick Visit

Time doesn't permit reporting on all of Trump's manifestations and Trump oozing from media. We offer a quick hit review of Trump's as of last Wednesday., Yes, Thanksgiving weekend was far more important than following Trump around like a reality show groupie.
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As we move away from the November 8th, General Election results and Hillary Clinton's late-night concession to Donald Trump, a few issues simply have to be addressed.

Before embarking on the issues we feel are worth exploring, we will unabashedly admit to extreme bias in our reporting. There is no room for acceptance of Donald Trump as the 45th US President. We cannot find any rational reason for a world leading government headed by a literally ego-maniacal self-centered money grabber. We cannot find rational acceptance of a supposed president-elect who so forthright courted white nationalism while practicing overt discrimination against people of color, the disabled, and while openly lying to people who he viewed as pawns. Politifact and other fact-checkers warned that Trump spoke various forms of "lies" throughout his campaign with a heavy skewering towards "False" levels lies.

As we have seen over the past two weeks, Trump's lies have been addressed almost to the letter. He has retracted, backtracked, dropped and modified just about each of his major campaign lies.  The Southern border will not see a wall increasing in height with each fit of anger from the bloviating carnival barker; it will, as of the latest report, include  fencing. His late campaign claims of prosecuting Hillary Clinton was engulfed by millions comparable to minions sitting engulfing "The Apprentice." His rally mantra and battle cry of hatred of the media is playing out in closed meetings with representatives of the media while reported administering  of browbeatings (to keep it clean). 

But, there are more pressing issues.  Would you believe lingering district votes have Hillary Clinton hard of Trump by almost two million votes?  Check out the latest tally from the Cook Political Report.

David Wasserman, Cook Political Report's ongoing vote tally.
Clinton's vote total is 64,223,986 (48.1% of the vote), 
Trump's  vote total is 62,206,395 (46.6% of the vote) - a difference of 2,017,591 
NBC has also reported on the growing Clinton vote.

The New York Times also ran a piece last week about facts related to post-election Trumpism (and the vote).

Word has it white working-class and Latino voters felt an affinity for the homeliness of Trump and family. Seriously?

Along the path of Trumpism  and a very very sick nation.

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