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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump's America Day 2: Putin, Racism, Website SNAFUS, And Americana

Thought we'd offer a few tidbits from Trump's American Day 2.

The Trump camp removed the following anti-Muslim web page item after social media caught them in a state of recklessness.

For quite some time after the election of Barack H. Obama as the national 44th President, conservative America has shared a literal love-fest with Vladimir Putin (and Russia).  We find it typical and validating Putin has authorized one of his classic cabinet members to speak openly about cohesion with the Trump campaign.
Apparently, conservatives on social media are continuing to work  video edited propaganda on their subjects.  They continue to underestimate the intellect of people who report such to liberal media. Such reports lead to what follows.
We'll be back with more!

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