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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


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Friend of the TPI, Benjamin T. Moore Jr. wrote......


1.) Both Candidates are flawed and voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil!

Actually, even *IF* we accept your flawed premise on its face, voting for the lesser of two evils is voting for LESS evil! GO VOTE!!!

2.) The "FIX" is in! The election is rigged and the voting machines have already been hacked. #BlackBoxVoting

*IF* this were actually the case, Republicans wouldn't be breaking Federal Election Laws trying to suppress your votes. They wouldn't be trying voter intimidation, illegally purging minorities from the Voter rolls and reducing the number of polling places in Democratic districts. If the machines were already rigged, they wouldn't care if you voted or in what numbers. GO VOTE!!!

3.) It doesn't matter anyway. Nothing will change. The Oligarchs and Plutocrats who run things will still be in charge no matter who wins.

We've had RECENT history disproving this oft repeated talking point. If it didn't matter who wins, they wouldn't be spending $Billions on this election. We had 8 years of Bill Clinton. While Republicans tried to distract you and make you believe whom the President was "sleeping" with was a National scandal, more millionaires were created than at ANY other time in our history.

Black median income rose to its highest point than at any other time in our history. More poor people entered the "Middle Class." More middle-Class people moved to the ranks of the wealthy. By the end of Bill Clinton's presidency, the discussion was should we pay OFF our national debt early - Conspiracy Theorist PAY ATTENTION - and get out from under the Federal Reserve... Or should we let it retire naturally within 10 years like it was on track to do?

Then came George W. Bush. He was handed a booming economy running like a well-oiled machine. He had ONE job! DO NOT MESS IT UP!!! By the time Bush left office we were BACK in $Trillions of dollars in debt. People had lost their pensions, their homes, their jobs and in Katrina, many lost their lives. We were in two wars... One because we attacked the WRONG country. Bin Laden was still releasing his periodic "Mix Tapes" and our crashing economy was bringing the world economy down right along with it.

When you say it doesn't matter who is in charge, look at the difference in how Bush handled Hurricane Katrina and how Obama handled Hurricane Sandy. Then consider, Bush wasn't being obstructed by a hostile House and Senate. Remember the 10's of thousands of people from New York and New Jersey sheltering in football stadiums for weeks??? No? Neither do I. 

Who is in charge matters. #GOVOTE

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