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Friday, December 16, 2016

How To End Oppression And Injustice

1.) It is THEIR Table.
2.) They still get to decide how many seats will be made available for you to sit in.
3.) They are still the ones running the meeting and setting the agenda.
4.) They will only make seats available to those THEY control.
5.) The time for conversation ended back in 1865 anyways.
You want to change things? Build your own damn table. Cover it in finery and prepare your own feast. DEFEND YOUR TABLE with extreme prejudice/violence when they attempt to encroach as they SURELY WILL! Let's look at some history. Good and Bad. This is history you were NOT taught in school.

1921 - Tulsa Oklahoma
Back in 1921, the United States was *proudly* racially segregated. "Whites Only" establishments were the rule, rather than the exception. Black children could not go to school with white people. Restaurants did not server Black people. Lynchings were common and were treated like picnics where white families would gather and bring their children. We even have photographs from these events.
I want you to understand the realities of that time in our history. It was during this time that in Tulsa, Oklahoma the wealthiest Black community came into existence. Truth is, Black families were there before there was a Tulsa. Tulsa just grew up around the community. How do you know this? Simple. Back then, Black people and their families were "red-lined," they were not allowed to buy or build in white communities. Thus, the fact they were there, means that they had gotten their first or had built a community away from Tulsa and Tulsa simply grew to encompass them.
The point is, these Black people had their own businesses, banks, schools... any and everything a separate city within a city would need. What's more, they ONLY did business - spent their money - with other Black people in their community. The result was, their wealth grew until they were the wealthiest Black community in these United States. They did NOT need or want a seat at the white man's table. They grew so wealthy that they had better homes than the white people in Tulsa, more successful businesses and this caught the attention of their white neighbors... who of course, thought this just wasn't right! What did they do? A group of white men, attacked their community. The Sheriff claimed Black people were rioting - sound anything like today? - The result was the United States military came in and dropped bombs on this community, destroying homes, businesses and murdering over 100 people. This was a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Back before Jackie Robinson, Black people were not allowed to participate in professional baseball. Didn't bother us. We formed our own "Negro Leagues." There was a rather delightful movie about it, you might want to look for it. "Bingo Long and his traveling All Stars." The movie featured Billy Dee Williams - Lando Calrission - James Earl Jones - Voice of Darth Vader - and a host of other Black actors. Have you ever seen "The Harlem Globetrotters?" Sort of like them, but playing baseball. They would travel around playing games on the weekends on run down fields and charging very little for tickets. When they began to catch on, white people got nervous.
You could go and watch the Black players play for less money, it was a much better game and more entertaining. This could take business away from the white teams. What did they do? They began stealing Black players to play on white teams. That is how and why Jackie Robinson was selected. Once Jackie broke the ice, they began using the Negro Leagues as talent pools until they put them out of business.

Did you know, in the original rules and bylaws of the Miss America Pageant it specifically stated that contestants *must* be white? Black girls need not apply. You might ask, "who cares?" It's a beauty pageant after all... Well, it is deeper than that. Beauty pageants are tools to program society as to what the ideals of beauty are. Body type, hair, makeup etc. Whether they say it or not, the message is the winner of the pageant is *supposed* to be the most beautiful girl in America. If you are a Black, Latino, Asian, young lady or their parent, the message is, you or your child need not apply.
In 1968, J. Morris Anderson saw and understood this and started the Miss Black America Pageant. Once again, nobody gave a damn. I mean, WHO would watch it? Well... WE WOULD!!! Not only did we watch it, we supported it and artist like Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder began performing on their shows. The audience grew. The production quality of the pageant increased. The cash awards became competitive. White people again viewed it as a threat. What did they do?
They hastily changed their "whites only" rule and in September of 1983, Vanessa Williams became the first Black Miss America for 1984. The first runner up Miss Suzette Charles was Black also. Well THIS would NEVER do, so Bob Guccione - Owner/Editor - of Penthouse Magazine obtained and published nude pictures of Miss Williams causing her to resign in July of that year.
The photographs taken when she was 19, were supposed to be silhouettes. Black shadows, impossible to make out who was in the photographs. She had been working as a receptionist for a photographer who had convinced her to pose after hours for him. What she did NOT know is that it is all about how the film is exposed and processed. You can take a picture that is supposed to be a black silhouette and burn it in and bring out details. I used to process my own black and white film.

Begging for a seat at the table is all about integration. Integration ONLY works when there is good faith on both sides. Prior to integrating our schools, Black people received much better educations than AFTER they integrated our schools. Our literacy levels were higher, math scores higher, our knowledge of *factual* history higher. When my grandfather died at the age of 94, he had a very extensive library. He and his brothers had their own wall cleaning and carpet cleaning business and my grandfather invented his own chemical compound - looked like playdough - that he could rub onto a dirty wall, peel it off and the dirt came off leaving the wall in pristine condition. Wealthy people kept him busy because HIS method didn't damage their expensive wall coverings.
My grandfather never got a degree in chemistry... but he learned enough to teach himself. At the end of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life he was beginning to wake up. He asked of integration, whether or not we were integrating into a burning house?

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