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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Information Management From A Carnival Barker

So, Time names Trump 2016 Person of the year.

A couple of key items to consider. First, anyone who was successful in winning the US Presidency would have been Time's Person of the Year. That is fair!

Next, the cast of characters who have been named to the cover of Time includes noted scars on International History.
  • Adolf Hitler 1938
  • Joseph Stalin 1939 & 1942
  • Nikita Khrushchev 1957
  • Ayatollah Khomeini 1979

As we move away from Times honored cover and while reflecting on the images above, we must not forget another noted scar on world history.

That meme takes us directly to the "Lie" and "snake oil."

If you actually believe Trump has any interest in life beyond making money, you are all should visit the nearest carnival and purchase a ticket for the "snake oil" guy.

It appears Media matters is the only social media site which actually addresses Trump's reliance on lying as strategy to reach the more informed across the nation. When the NYC carnival barker is successful in reaching the uniformed seeds are planted for cable news (and network news) writers and producers. The seeds generate seedlings of false stories or, to be kinder, stories rushed to airing without any level of vetting. Thus, when Trump issues the  lie; and the ball starts to roll; and it will roll right into your living or bedroom TV of choice. 

Crafty management of national information facilitates growing the uninformed without alternative sources for accurate reporting.  A dumb-down electorate elects demagogues.

Media Matters does it best.

And, despite all of the great work form Media Matters, we continue to live in a world where people tune-in and absorb false stories from the likes of InfoWars and the satire laden The Onion along with daily dose of conservative insanity form Fox News.

Boeing Company and the snake oil Air Force One fleet

Loading one's administration with former generals is an invitation to war!

Hannity, a virtual Steve Bannon (Joseph Goebbels re-incarnate) demagogue and Trump facilitator.  Groping women is inexcusable and doesn't lend to any explanation.

We will end on a couple of linked pieces. Since we opened this piece with a clear analogy to Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister Goebbels, we should point-out a couple of Media Matters pieces which seem to point-out cases of growing propaganda information management. 

Hannity this past October start to suggest a Trump win should come with kicking US media out of the White House Media Office. 

“Trump TV” Will Be In The White House Press Briefings

When People lay their heads on the Guillotine, expect the carnival barker to unleash the blade.

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