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Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Newsertainers", Obama Sanctions On Russia CBS News

A few days ago I ran across the following (below) four minutes video segment from CBS. The segment is supposedly a fact-check which refutes the CIA's claim of Russian interference in the recent General Elections. The video has even garnered favor from die-hard Clinton supporters; an astounding reality.

As I am not one of the neo-Obama (Administration) critics like the suddenly ever-present Sam Stein) and other far lesser celebrity types like a few of my Facebook friends who are effusing in Obama criticism now that we have four weeks left in Presidency, I do not accept the CBS video as either credible nor newsworthy. It is just another attempt to garner viewers with that new slant: attract both left and right viewers with slick with creatively developed "denial stories." 

Why would the CIA desire to fabricate such a story?

I believe the NSA Chief also commented on its concerns with Putin ordered hacking of the DNC.  Since the CIA and the NSA have issued statements regarding probable Russian election hacking, why should I consider CBS's report anything other than a ratings trap?

Allow a necessary digression.

On December 16th, The Guardian published a short, but detail piece about Russian hacking. The piece also included mention of Russian hacking of the RNC. Notice, no release of hacked information from the RNC.

Mother Jones and The Guardian are not broadcast "newsertainment" media. Neither organization employs slick look (often blond women and sometimes leggy.... with a willingness to show) reporters and hosts (AKA newsertainers) to deliver newsertainment to ratings ripe and dripping viewers. 
Definition: newsertainers (noun); An employee of a broadcast media network hired to deliver scripted teleprompter scripts, or host a news related show. The media model is characterized via obvious efforts to attract viewers (by any means necessary) and the model is promulgated by his/her employer to literally shape message and information delivered to an audience. The scope and variety of newsertainers run the gamut from leggy blonds, through Jerry Springer-like panel shows (CNN) to over-talking often cogent hosts on MSNBC.



 This on-air "model" wasn't a Fox News employee. 

If you think the images are contrary to the newsertainment at certain networks watch as one subject literally raised her skirt (after what seemed as off camera direction). 

The Fox News examples are dire and looking back on Roger Ailes apparent picking the fruit of the willing and the frightened among his team, we now find less drastic examples of newsertainers. In each case by ratings-driven million dollar contracts. 

End digression and back to the CBS segment.  If the segment was in any way credible, way would today's news of Obama Administration retribution stand before us.  International leaders do not expel officials without some degree of credible evidence of international wrongdoing.

Talking Points Memo published a definitive piece regarding the hacking:  "Grizzly Steppe."  I'll take reporting from Talking Points Memo over CBS news any day.

A final point. Who do you believe a CBS video segment replete with a newsertainer or the Obama Administration backed by two of the world's most effective INTEL agencies? Another critical consideration. Why would any CBS producer and writer take their shows into the realm of questioning INTEL agencies with this illogical tidbit: "furnished evidence." Any rational person knows even the slightest of "evidence" can be re-engineered back to a method of INTEL gathering. More critically, INTEL often comes from human sources. Would the Obama Administration go there?

The answer may lie in the same realm as the devastating and horrific Lora Logan 60 Minutes Benghazi Story: total fabrication.  CBS made a strategic head of network news hire back in 2011 which, I feel has shared the network since. The hire was a former Fox News executive who served his entire TV news life at Fox News after graduating college in 1996.  He grew of TV news age along with the network which was started in 1996. You can Google the name.

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