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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pre-Inauguration Blues, Hacking Scandal And That Havard Comma

As we watch the most Keystone Cop administration in US history, we should pay special attention to the quality of mind and character Trump appoints.  Rick Perry has been nominated as Trump's Secretary of Energy. What? Do you recall the following during the 2012 GOP nomination campaign? 

The man couldn't even remember the name of an agency he was committed to eliminating.

Trump continues on a path of selecting GOP anti-aficionados who when compared to Trump comes across like comparing a pair of expensive shoes, make him (Trump) appear as a mental giant.

Speaking of cabinet nominations, check out the following meme.  Of particular note is the nomination of Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Sessions was once denied a federal judgeship based on a history of racism. 

He will probably name a Monsanto CO. CEO as the Agriculture Czar.

If you in any way consider why so many whacked-out evangelicals so love Trump, you only have to watch this segment of the morally discredited Jim Baker and a panel of false prophets. These people feed millions of religious mental slaves while soaking up TV revenues and absorbing personal contributions, while totally ignoring the disgust that is Trump. I don't believe any worldly faith can find "...grabbing the Pussy", an acceptable way of life.

If up live as a rational American you are following growing reports of Russian hacking to help throw the election to Donald Trump.  Trump and company are, comparable to a like a Trump comb-over. This linked MSNBC report offers one of the best report synopsis of the growing scandal; it includes assertions that Putin was directly involved in the hacking. 

ABC News ran a piece this morning:

What did the old Native American chief say tot he band of US Calvary Troops about to be slaughtered for invading their homeland? "Where there is smoke there is fire."

When have we known of any administration with such a level of scandal without having gone through the inauguration process?    What about a secondary consideration of a future administration which is garnering historic transition approval ratings?

Let's end on a humorous but leaning note. Ever wonder about that 'comma' that grammar checkers tell you is missing, just before that sentence conjunction?  You know that comma that is (at times) necessary before "and, but, or or".  How about a look at why that comma (AKA the Harvard Comma) is so important?

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