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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rant: Bernie Supporters, Trumpism And A Changed Nation

Martin S Friedlander

I hope you enjoy the products of your Trump vote.  The anti-Bernie in every which way. The worst anti-environment guy. The anti-public education woman. The pro crazy general for NSA. General Flynn. Two billionaires. Just because you detested Hillary. You got what you wished for. Detestable all of them. 

I have sent a letter to Tim Kaine on how to block the inauguration of Donald Trump. He is incompetent in the legal sense to take the oath of office because he is a psychopathic liar. So far, I am gaining some support in the Democratic Party for this legal theory. Donald's proposed administration is THE antithesis of Bernie and Elizabeth. All because the BERNIE folks got into an anti-Hillary huff. 

Well, huff and huff and this gang of fascists will blow your Pennsylvania house and horse barn down. As far as I am concerned this group will make me a millionaire many times over, but what about the lesser economic crowd that supported Bernie. This is not a personal riff against you, but a riff over how disappointed Bernie people will be the cause of Fascism in America. My America before Pearl Harbor day that nobody has mentioned. This is the sneak attack that is so sneaky the American people were asleep at the switch and got gassed to death. 

Martin S Friedlander.

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