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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Russian Hacking? CIA Assessment And Trump's Response

Do you recall the following from the Democratic Party Convention this past summer? Former CIA Director and former Secretary of Defense spoke about Donald Trump's lack of sanity in encouraging Russia's Putin to locate and report on Hillary Clinton's email debacle.

Image result for russian hacking dncLast night I joined my pillows and bed covers with thoughts of social media railing about Rachel Maddow's segment regarding Russia's intervention in the November General elections. As I have, for the time being, sworn off of "newsertainment" and its millionaire celebrity "newsertainer" hosts, the Maddow segment wasn't part of my viewing  last night. In fact, I have not watched a segment of my former most popular news, related show since election night: November 8, 2016. And that is a major paradigm shift from one who considers himself a full-blown news and current events geek.

The CIA and Russian interference in the US election; an intriguing and totally unfathomable prospect. 

As I awakened this morning and checked my Twitter feed, I ran across this tweet. 

Russia influencing US election to put Trump in power is bigger than Watergate.8:25 PM - 9 Dec 2016 

As I opened My old AoL account, this popped across the monitor:

If you did not read the linked AoL (Business Insider) piece, at least click the link and view the one minute video.

So, the Trump camp wants the nation to move-on without any regard to an historic election. Historic in many ways, the least of which is Russia's apparent work on behalf of Donald Trump.  Let's compare "historic" for a moment:
  •  Historic regarding the first woman candidate heading a major party ticket.  Historic regarding the first reality TV and New York City real estate Mogul heading a political ticket.  
  • Historic regarding a popular vote that has the losing candidate up by three million or more votes 
  • Historic regarding the proximity of Trump's cabinet and closest advisers with documented anti-Semites and racists  within ear shot of Trumps future Oval Office.
  • Historic regarding the white vote going predominantly for Trump and historic regarding the number of potential voters who did not vote. 
Historic? Yes, and Russia's involvement in the election is by far to most dangerous to national well-being. Yet, Trump and company wants the nation to move on without any regarding for the nation's international INTEL agency's assessment of a clear and present danger.

Let's visit  the issue.

Washing Post video and article (must read):

  • The matter is as serious as Russian ICBM's and Kim Jong Un's occasional firing-off of ballistic missiles. Yesterday, President Obama ordered a full CIA review of the Russian hacking, but the matter won't be full assessed util after the current leaves office.  The newly elected president will surely work behind the scenes to squelch any reports which accurate depict Russia as the ultimate source of hacked information to Wiki Leaks. 
Have I digressed (for sake of clarity)?

Lets now visit with the Rachel Maddow segment of yesterday:

Lawrence 'Donnell also ran a segment on the CIA assessment.

A clear and present danger perpetrated by international cooperation among a veritable Russian dictator (subservient only to Russian oligarchs) on behalf of an American flim-flam man who's major issue in life is self-aggrandizement and money-grabbing.

Trumps response as of this morning?  You must visit this link.   
For those who really will nto visit the link:
.....In it, Trump attacked the CIA with a scary half-truth suggesting that he won’t accept facts from the CIA and ended the statement with an outright lie meant to distract the media. 
When Trump’s transition team said, “These are the same people that said Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” it’s also a half-truth at best, since Bush Administration’s White House Iraq Group led by political advisor Karl Rove and the involvement of Vice President Cheney drove the choice and dissemination of fake intelligence data to push America into the Iraq War.
As the hacking reports transpired, did you think for one second Russia hackers focused solely on the DNC and Clinton? If you couldn't see the prospect of comprehensive Russian hacking with selective use of the stolen information, you might be dangerously naive. The Hill is reporting Russian hackers also absconded from the RNC and the GOP, but held their anti-GOP hacks to facialtgiate a Trump win.

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