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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: America Attacked By Russian Hackers; Many Conservatives Unconcerned

As we become more informed about the CIA report of Prussian hacking the DNC and politicking Democrats on behalf of Donald Trump (and you Trump supporters), let history archive clear warnings from Trump's 2016 electoral opponent. The following video segments are taken from two of the three presidential debates. It seems Clinton knew her stuff and offered rational arguments about what is amounting to a form of international espionage/treason from a political party.  Let's face the reality Trump's camp knew of Putin's feeds to Julian Assange (WIKI) and it is becoming increasingly apparent so did FBI Director Comey.

From Debate #3

Fair warning unheeded; the Media didn't care, the public didn't listen and the espionage not only continued, it worked.

How is it possible unprecedented cooperation between a national economic and military adversary could become mainstream politics?

Prior to the debates Trump openly encouraged Putin to hack his political opponent.

Correction, Trump actually encouraged Putin to attack the United States, the American people (those who remain sane and rational) and the free world. He further boldly stated the US media would welcome the hacking. The CIA assessment of Russian hacking the 2016 election as straight forward as its mission on international INTEL and counter-INTEL. While a number of sources are published regarding the CIA assessment, we find this New York Times piece particularly noteworthy. It should be noted the piece also includes verbiage related to Russian hacking of the RNC (also)...but notice no Wiki release of hacked info from republican servers and email.

What price American sovereignty conservative America?  A White House take on Trump's international cyber army (from Russia).

American conservatives have since the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States has nurtured an affinity for Vladimir Putin comparable to its historic affinity for those some Americans refer to as Founding Fathers.  Yet even the most skeptical among liberals and progressives failed to realize the level to which America would turn its discerning minds to the "off' position when it came to the Right "taking our country back." MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Blog (via Steve Benen) has published an intriguing and enlightening review of one year of Putin/Trump, their paths, and adjoining points.  And, you may be one of the millions who cast that Trump vote. Moreover, you may be one of the thousands who feel Putin helped you win a US election. What you are about to read should you click the link, shouldn't be viewed by anyone under age 18, who may still have faith in the US political system. or who's parents may be raising the as conservatives. TRMS Blog, linked.

The Benen piece was a mere prelude to a report from the Maddow show (last night), from Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald. As you view the rather long segment, a question should arise: "What in the American psyche has contributed to so many who have wantonly turned the nation over to a money-grabbing potential fascist?

From Trump advise Manafort through the stories of hacking to the Eisenwald piece, the US finally held the election from hell. And, guess who we elected?

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