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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Palin Criticizes the Obama's Holiday Card

The Obama's have celebrated Christmas in the White House since the end of their first year with Barack Obama as the nation's 44th President.  Barack and Michelle Obama have taken part in each Christmas (Holiday) public event during the full eight-year period.  As we near the end of their eight years in the white House, it seems Michelle Obama has shied away from certain public celebrations and I for one can not blame her.

The FLOTUS continues to receive horrific characterizations from many on the social right despite every effort to show a "high-road" face. Hell, Michelle Obama and her husband have even taken the high-road regarding the recent election even with final results showing Hillary Clinton winning the vote by 2.84 million votes.  

It should be noted President Obama remains professional and civilly mindful of his role as a lead of what we used to call the free world.

The Obama 2016 Christmas (White House) Card is an indication of a family which exudes class, civility, and decency while staying mindful of serving as the First Family to All North-Americans.  

 White House Christmas card 

While the vast majority of people who live in the United States celebrate December 25th ins one fashion or another, it is important to know not all who live in the country celebrate the holidays that of the birth of Christ. In fact, it doesn't take a leap to know some do not believe in any form of religious worship and there are certain segments of the population who are very religious but do not believe in the Jesus Christ biblical figure. All said, the Obama's choice of card celebration is yet another example of their devotion to service to all and goodwill towards all.

Wouldn't you know conservative America's number two slim-bag, Sarah Palin, took exception to classy family oriented White House card? Imagine a person with Palin's family casting criticism on the Obama's?  Imagine that?   Imagine a family which is nothing shy of dysfunctional which may have law enforcement records at local police departments, experiencing a jealous and at times appearing intoxicated matriarch levying comments as that which follows.

"Merry Christ... er... scratch that. "We Are the Obamas and It's Some Random Holiday!"
The US Presidency is guided by the US Constitution which clear states a separation of Church and State. While Republicans have chosen to fully incorporate matters of religion in their government model, even the vast majority of Republicans do not dare take exception to the Obama's choice of Holiday Card. Actually, what is the point beyond child-like aggravation?

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