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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Meandering Mess (Includes A Social Security Gut)

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Did someone say she has a couple of teen aged sons at home?

Well, are we going to be dealing with a veritable Dennis the Menace for a few years?

Slightly less than half of US voters cast votes on election day that appeared to favor Donald Trump As the weeks have passed, Hillary Clinton's vote numbers have risen and seem to be settling in around two (3) million votes over Trump's votes. The post-election day vote count disparity is a reminder we once gave credence and importance to the popular vote. Since the late 1970s, our reverence of the electoral vote has surpassed the vote of the people.  A vote (civil) dynamic written into the US Constitution to "supposedly" spread the significance of the vote across states and territories without regard to size of the state.  The so-called "Electoral College" also provided early US elites an opportunity to have elections decided without over-weightlifting the significance of that rural voters (who by all measures were considered far less than savvy on many issues. The non-wealthy, urban and non-northern voter was also considered a potential unsettling voting bloc who just might vote-in politicians who may not fit the old of what some call the "Found Fathers." A misnomer in an of itself as fathers are not generally host to slave trading and human capitol. 

Well, the Electoral College will meet in about a week (the Monday after the second Wednesday in December)  and validate Trumps non-elections win; and we move on from that point. Move to where?

Let's start with the basic indication of the character you have elected as the nation's 45th US President. Since, we have exhausted innumerable verbiage on Trump, the person, how about a peep at a couple of cabinet choices.  As you know, we as a nation are what surrounds the person in the Oval Office. (Maybe, that is why Barack Obama served as the nations 44th President with a high degree of class and a devotion to the high road).  Ben Carson, is the first actual cabinet pick after trump anointed Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon his two top advisers (one is a noted anti-Semite). Ben Carson?  Where do we start? Better yet, let's allow Carson to stand for a few minutes while we view a great video segment from Comedy Central's The Daily Show. A view from a place with a history of great comedic perspective.

Secretary of State?  

How about a Putin chum who shares Russia's major interest in fossil fuel oil? Exxon Mobile CEO taped to lead the State Department and work internationally at Trump's orders. Basically, the nomination of Exxon's Tillerson is as telling an insight into our future as we could order.  An oil man, who sits atop an inhumane oil conglomerate serving in a role which will pale him in close interaction with one of the non-Arabic world's largest oil producers (Russia).  Two points: 
A. So much for any interest in moving away for fossil fuel derivatives.  
B. Didn't Trump campaign with a mantra of "taking their oil?"
While Tillerson is reported by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to be a "master" deal-maker, the shift form managing a world oil conglomerate to the vastly diverse requirements of Secretary of State, is a bridge Tillerson will find "too far."  You may have noticed the WSJ article headline eludes to Tillerson and Putin ties. A troubling prospect in any rational scenario.

Actually, Trump's personal ties to Putin are a much more clear and present danger.

While a few noted Trump talking heads have not been given cabinet positions (eg. Giuliani, Christie) one noted supporter seems to be working to cleanse his storm trooper like social media trail with hopes of a Trump post. Alan West, a most despicable mind and character, recently took a scrub to his Facebook page.  Problem is conservatives never seem to learn there is no scrubbing away electronic trails. 

The Raw Story reports.

West has come back with a statement of inappropriateness, but such statements do not address bottom-line judgment and character.  West is yet another example of a parallel to Hiter's henchmen in the mid-1920s.

Alas, we move on!

In a world of  national, economic and international threats, your president says he doesn't need critical daily INTEL reports. How is it possible a supposed leader of the world's only remaining military superpower and a nation targeted by terrorist can actually publicly proclaim he doesn't need daily INTEL briefings?  " I am a smart person..." simply doesn't work.

Think about what follows for a second.

The President's Daily Brief[1] (PDB), sometimes referred to as the President's Daily Briefing or the President's Daily Bulletin, is a Top Secret document produced and given each morning at 07:45[2] to the President of the United States. Producing and presenting the brief is the responsibility of the Director of National Intelligence,[3] whose office is tasked with fusing intelligence from the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The Brief is also produced for the President-elect of the United States, between the election day, and inauguration.

Purpose and history 

The PDB is intended to provide the president of the United States with new international intelligence warranting attention and analysis of sensitive international situations.  

WIKI also has posted a redacted copy of a Brief. Do you recall the critical Brief which went ignored?
File:CIA Memo.JPG
An associated Brief memo as reported by CNN in April 2004.

"....a smart person."   Image result for trump kids to feed him intel in white house cartoon Really?

Let's move away from Trump for a bit. 

This week we found reports of GOP underhanded preparation for an attack on the life-line of millions of aged (or aging) Americans. An attack which has remained consistent since the first days of Social Security: FDR. It is important to note, you are also aging and the latest attempt to gut Social Security could mean you will be forced to work until darned near age Seventy. While your younger socially conservative mind may find the words palatable, your body and mind may not remain personally serviceable and effective till age 70. How about your parents being forced to work beyond their level of physical and mental acuity? Guess who will have to step-in as in days of old (prior to any Social Security). I have been reminded the common GOP mantra regarding aide to the elderly is "...the Church will step in."

Les Deporables

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