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Friday, December 9, 2016

Trumpenstein And His Legends: The "Reality Gap", Veracity, Lack Of Interest And Dangerous Devotion

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A recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) national poll reveals telling information. PPP polling is historically among the most accurate polling in the United States. Yet, I really do not find a poll with only 1224 respondents a tool with results that I will take to any bank. However, the PPP results offer a peep into the psyche which has our nation headed to leadership from a showman, a pathological liar, and an egomaniac who exudes greedy and money grabbing. While a matter for other posts, those same voters handed the nation over to a person who has obvious biases which actually verge of racists (far surpassing simple bigotry). We offer a few items Maddow's team developed from the poll as an introduction along with Maddow's noteworthy commentary.

First, the PPP poll shows a moderate majority of poll respondents have a less than favorable opinion of Donald Trump.

Now consider voters who voted for Trump, albeit the chart is a bit of a slam dunk. They voted for Trump, right?

An obvious finding.

 Maddow then moved to a charted pictorial of how Trump supporters feel about President Obama.  Needless to say, the "Favorable" chart element dropped exponentially and the "Unfavorable" Element skyrocketed. A surprise? Why? Can you actually fashion your mind to believe that any Trump supporter would find any good qualities in President Obama? As a minimum, he is the nation's African-American president and while elected twice and national polling shows a moderately favorable rating, you cannot admit to a surprise that Trump voters find Obama far less than favorable (republican voters also but to a lesser dip than Trumpugs)?
As Maddow and her staff adroitly takes you through the following video pay particular attention Maddow's comments about how Trump supporters react to question about the stock market and about the unemployment rate since President Obama took office on January 20, 2009.  The commentary is both startling and dangerous while validating posts we have posted this week (Post A: Trump Lying a Prelude To The Future, Post B: Information Management From A Carnival Barker ).  The essence of those posts?  If you tell a lie enough, it becomes mindset truth.  Also, there exist a segment from a former popular TV show (that I never watched) which speaks volumes about the misinformation and lies the American voter has bitten into like a nice juicy slice of Apple Pie.

Now for the Maddow segment.  We should recognize that the Maddow segment doesn't appear to address the real issues related to Trump's election: no voters and voters who voted third party.  after the 6:52-minute mark of the following video Maddow's commentary becomes searingly indicting related to the Trump voter psyche. Trump's "alternate reality" is as real as Trump's comb over.

The segment ends with a poignant and cogent assessment of the danger of the "Trump voter's psyche", successful in feeding his voters a false/alternate reality, and Trump's potential for the Presidency as a revenue 'cash cow."

If you are not inclined to visit with the Maddow segment take this chart with you and spend a few minutes thinking about the message.  Trump's voters have no real objection to his use of the Presidency as a potential cash cow.

They literally do not care about any level of scrutiny of a money grabbers potential to economically rape the US Presidency. 

Fake news sites (common on social media) and the outrageously insane manifestation of radio hosts like Limbaugh and Alex Jones feed the Trump information mill like a 360-degree flight of a boomerang. The insane demagogues feed their listeners (and viewers) pure lies. Trump picks up the lies either via personally listening to the radio shows or via his Twitter feed; the essence of the insanity then works its way into Trump personal propaganda ministry (Bannon, Conway et al). Lies and misinformation breed the uninformed. The uninformed have proven to be as dangerous supporters of past horrors such as Hitler, and leaders in Rwanda how perpetrated the killing of 800,000 on its citizens. 

How else could Trump's voters believe the market has dropped since Obama took office?How is it possible the polled Trump supporters do not know that unemployment is at a seven-year low? How about the ultimate reality of Trump supporters and their potential impact on the nation going forward.  Indifference to corruptions and national fascism are the by-products of an uninformed leader-worshipping populace. 

Herewith are a couple of examples of how Trump's personal fascism is spreading across the Untied States. Do you recall the woman who alleged that Trump took sexual advantage of her at the age of thirteen?  She dropped out of a planned television interview mere hours before the broadcast based on threats from Trump strongmen-like supporters. Here is another example of how the communications machine leads to undemocratic criminal acts. Do you recall the Pizzagate incident a couple of weeks back, a deranged conservative nut case actually went to a New York City pizzeria armed for an intervention against an alleged Children sex trafficking ring led by Hillary Clinton? The genesis of such trash? Visit the link two paragraphs up.  Another example? 

Today, the Washington Post reported on an incident from a town hall meeting a year ago. The young woman in the audience who felt Trump "isn't a friend to women" received death threats the morning after Trump tweeted about the interaction.

The horrors of growing fascism in the United States is fueled by an unknowing and uncaring voting bloc which when coupled with "cry-baby" Bernie of Busters, third-party voters and the voting apathetic.

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