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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fire An Acting Attorney General For Saying "No"

When policy mimics our past, it is alarming to find so many Americans who so easily forget the past while showing they can also serve as facilitators for authoritarianism.  

Related imageThe Trump "Muslim" ban is a modern day manifestation of policies pursued by Adolf Hitler as he tightened his grip on the psyches of the German people in the mid-1930s.

Airport detention and "extreme vetting".

A child in cuffs?

Friend of the TPI wrote on Facebook
Back in March 2015, the now former acting Attorney General Sally Yates was being grilled by acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who is presently Trump's choice for Attorney General, for the position of Deputy Attorney General....under President Obama. Sessions is presently having a difficult time being confirmed due to alleged past racist behavior.
Sessions asked Ms. Yates if she would refuse an order by President Obama if she felt that it was Unlawful.
She said, "Senator, I believe that the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General has an obligation to follow the Law and the Constitution, and to give their independent advice to the President".
In my opinion that is 100% the correct answer. She followed that philosophy and was just Fired by Trump for not legally defending/following his Muslim Travel Ban Executive Order.
Trump said that she BETRAYED the Department Of Justice by not following his order.
Trump is not a dictator nor an Emperor. ...I sure hope he is forced to realize that soon....TODAY WOULD BE NICE.
Jeff Sessions will DEFINITELY BE GRILLED ON TRUMP'S MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN, ASKED IF HE FEELS IT IS LAWFUL OR NOT, AND FORCED TO SAY WHY OR WHY NOT. That will be very interesting.....because Republicans are NOT united on this issue.

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