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Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump: Lies, Misrepresentations And The Over Used Media Term "Falsehoods"

Non Progressive News: A Pinocciho President

When did the United States become the domain of denizens who so willingly and gleefully accept a serial liar as President of the nation? And, we all knew his level of lying was well documented, analayzed (via fact checkers) and ever-present. Since, Trump proclaimed a desire to run for the US Presdiency he ahas reached to the highest levels of lies to facilitate attention, admiration and eventual votes from half the voting populace: the gullible half

If there was a thought such behavior is endemic to all politicians and the behavior would abate after the election, have thought or two. Trump's lies are oozing from the White House comparable to the level of bodily waste he must surely expunge through the White House sewer system.

How about let's run through a few Lies which have consumed US new3s this past week. (SIDEBAR: When will US media stop with the silly business of referring to Trump lies as "falsehoods?"  Despite the behavior of the 45th US President and those who so admire the man, the other half of the nation are not of a childish mindset, thus "falsehood" doesn;t truly represent the level of Trump's dishonesty.)

Talking Points Memo and Trump's lie about killings during Obama's farewell Speech.

From Chicago to International affairs and that item many conservatives relish hearing: torture.

Trump also claims Intel officials told him "torture works."

 Researchers say "no."

Journalists Resources dot org

Does torture work? The research says, “No”

During the George W. Bush administration, the CIA employed what it called “enhanced interrogation techniques” ;on detainees around the world. This included waterboarding (simulated drowning), sleep deprivation to the point of hallucination, beatings, sexual humiliation, and threats to hurt a detainee’s children or rape a detainee’s mother. Barack Obama banned torture when he assumed office, though his tenure was dogged by allegations that abuse continued, if not in American prisons then in allied countries’ facilities. A 2014 Senate report declared these methods “not an effective means of obtaining accurate information or gaining detainee cooperation.” 
As the Trump administration considers torturing suspected militants, the question of whether it helps elicit information or discourage insurgents is again important to policymakers, journalists, scholars and the public. 
Below we highlight studies that look specifically at the effectiveness of torture and its consequences — for example, receiving potentially unreliable information, possibly losing international prestige, risking retaliation and the emotional toll on victims and torturers. We did not include discourses on morality or interpretations of international law. Read more linked above.
If researchers say and report torture does not work, why would Intel officials, who are without question very bright people offer trump contrary information. Of course, you and I both know, no INTEL officialss said such to Trump. 

Is the lie the danger or is revealing the lie the real danger. Now, how would your mother suggest you answer that question?

And as we would expect Fox News's early morning propagandist and right-wing entertainers ("newsertainers") took up the mission for their viewers. Trump's lies are dangerous for the nation, but only if the lies are called out.

How about his lies about 3 million voters ("Illegal" Immigrants mind you) who were allowed to vote, thus costing him the popular vote.

Here is how the propagandists look and sounds when called out.  Trump-approved ‘voter fraud’ conspiracy theorist Gregg Phillips lays a rotten egg on CNN. Does this guy appear to be someone you can absolutely trust? 

First, check this out. A President of the United States at 8:00AM this morning. 

Here is the CNN Video with Phillips. (Click the Link highlighted in red)
Speaking of Propagandist how about one I call the supreme "presstitute." KKellyAnne Conway has the credibility of a rabid Bat in 150-degree heat. Her major role in the Trump regime is to appear on camera with any and all television networks and simply tell lie after lie. After we experienced a few days of her defensive claim of alternate facts" while defending Trump's claim of a larger crowd than Obama garnered in 2009, she today surfaced to defend a more serious matter. Apparently, a couple of the Trump clan are registered to vote in multiple states. An act that is very much against US law (all while Trump initiates a which hunt regarding the 3 million popular vote count that he lost to Clinton). 
Why isn't that the ultimate example of voter fraud?

Even Senator Lindsey Graham, SC-R) can not accept or side with Trump on the three million phantom votes malarkey.

Let's close with a couple of visit-worthy social media posts.

One Journalist draws a line in the sdand, but I am not hearing her boss draw the same line.

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