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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

INTEL Shows Trump And Putin Communicate Too Much For Comfort

President-elect Trump has a cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin (AKA according to Trump "V. Putin"). While we have posted on this matter quite a few times as INTEL reports have been declassified and released, today's updates are particularly noteworthy.  

Basically, Trump represents the first US future president who developed and nurtured a relationship with a world leader who so closely resembles a dictator. Many US presidents have grown to leverage relationships with such leaders, especially South America and in the Middle East. But, rarely if ever, has INTEL reports welcomed and nurtured a relation with a Soviet or Russian leader. Is it possible Trump actually believes his own lies about Putin and reports of hacking against candidate Clinton?  Or, heavens forbid it looks like such, is Trump totally and incompetently naive about Putin while driven by his innate greed and lust for money? 

Whatever the case reports of Russian hacking within two weeks of Trump's inauguration is frightening or should I say frightening for rational Americans.

CNN's Jake Tapper explored the matter with a couple of so-called CNN national security correspondents. 

Talking Points Memo also published on the developing hacking reports.

Talking Points Memo


The report cited multiple anonymous U.S. officials with “direct knowledge” of the briefings given to Trump and Obama about the intelligence community’s report on Russian interference in the U.S. election, which concluded the intent of those Russian actors was to help Trump win the White House. 

The new allegations were contained in a “two-page” annex that was not included in the full intelligence community report released to the public in declassified form last week. By CNN's description, the document was primarily a synopsis of memos “compiled by a former British intelligence officer whose past work U.S. intelligence officials consider credible.” 

CNN reported that the addendum also contained allegations that there was a “continuing exchange of information during the campaign from Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.” 

The FBI was working to verify the credibility and accuracy of that information, according to CNN. 

BuzzFeed News later Tuesday published a 35-page dossier that the news site claimed served as the source material for the two-page synopsis presented to Trump and Obama by intelligence officials. It contained explosive but unverified and unsubstantiated information about the President-elect, and contained some errors, according to the news site. 

CNN said it was able to confirm with its sources that the addendum was among the documents presented to the current and future presidents at their briefings last week, but was not able to confirm that its contents were discussed aloud.

Whatever, the source and the nature of the reports a few points stand out. Putin worked along with that Trump campaign to win a US General Election, Point two: Putin could have released hacked information to Wiki Leaks which was hacked from the RNC/GOP, but such releases were not enacted. Point three: Trump is a fat and gullible figurehead who can and will be manipulated by Putin; and at our expense. Point four: It seems Trump supports, lovers, and sycophants do not really care about Trump's comradeship with Putin. 

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