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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

President Obama As The 44TH US President

As we move towards the Obama Family leaving the White House, we will over the next few days archive data (graphs and charts) for site archiving.  
Yes, we will certainly use the charts as we move into the dark side of current US history: the Trump years.

All charts and graphs were taken from White House posts on Twitter.

Job Creation

"We’ve turned an economy that was shrinking and losing jobs into one that’s growing and creating jobs" —:

Social Equality

Troop Deployment In War Zones
"We brought most of our troops home—from nearly 180,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan down to 15,000 today."

Renewable Energy

In the past eight years we've: Cut dependence on foreign oil ✓ Doubled renewable energy ✓ Signed the

Carbon Emissions

cut carbon emissions while powering economic growth.

Health Care Reform

Today, 20 million more adults have health insurance. Here's what's at stake if the Republicans repeal the :

  1. There's a lot to lose if Republicans succeed in repealing the . Take a look at what would happen without it:
  2. If Republicans repeal the #ACA, pregnancy could be considered a pre-existing condition. Here's what's at stake:

Here's how the helps people like you—and what's at stake with the Republican proposal to repeal it:

More to come.....................

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