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Monday, January 30, 2017

Social Media Screeds: Growing Authoritarianism, Steve Bannon, And Anti-Muslimism

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Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?
    3:23 AM - 4 Jun 2014

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"To my conservative family and friends: You have been given a gift. 

The gift is this: Your guy won, your team has the house and the senate. And it's going....not great. My charge to you is this: figure out how you want to be represented in history. You are on the cusp of being the party that rose up and fought for what you told us you stood for, or you can be the people we have to explain to our children when they ask why no one fought the breakdown of our democracy.

If you voted for the president or a Republican senator because you believe in fiscal conservatism, you should be furious that your tax dollars are going to build a wall that will have zero impact on the effects of immigration.

If you hate the left because of "Political Correctness," you need to be asking yourself if you're okay with the President censoring communications from MULTIPLE government organizations like the National Park Service, the EPA and more.

If you voted because you hated Secretary Clinton's email server, I expect you to be calling your representatives to ask why Steve Bannon and others continue to use their unsecured personal emails and why your president is using an unsecured android device still.

If you voted because you believed there would be better protection against terrorists, you need to ask yourself why it's okay that your president just took away $130 million in anti-terror funds from New York with his punishment of Sanctuary Cities.

If you are angry that your insurance is too expensive, you should ask why your senators are repealing ACA without a replacement, an action that will leave 20 million people without insurance at all.

If you believe the Clinton initiative provided unequal treatment to countries that supported their foundation, you should be livid that your president has moved to block visas from Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, but not places where he has business ties like Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

This is an opportunity to prove that you voted for the reasons you say you did. I am taking you seriously; I am taking you literally."

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"Just in case what Trump has done with his illegal Muslim Ban isn't clear, let's break this down: Muslim GREEN CARD holders, that is resident LEGAL aliens from certain countries, were prohibited from reentering the country for 90 days if they happened to be traveling. They were detained at airports and prohibited from returning to their homes.

Do you understand what this means?

It means that if you have lived in New Jersey for 20 years with your family and were traveling for business, you are now not allowed to return HOME for 90 days. You will most likely lose your job. Where will you go in the meantime? Will you stay at a hotel?

Or if you are a mother you happened to have gone to your father's funeral abroad at this unlucky time and tried to return home to your children, you are now not allowed to do so for 90 days.

Please don't talk to me about how necessary it is to conduct proper vetting. These people are GREEN CARD holders. A green card holder is a LEGAL alien. He or she has essentially the same rights as a citizen, with respect to residency. They HAVE been properly vetted. These actions against them are 100% ILLEGAL. If it can be them today, it can be you and me tomorrow!
If this doesn't scare you, you are not paying attention. This is not a democracy."

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Yesterday, Trump removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council. He replaced them with Steve Bannon. Bannon has no government, intelligence, or high-level military experience; his experience is leading a propaganda outlet (Breitbart News) that peddles nationalist and white nationalist viewpoints.

This would be deeply concerning in and of itself. But one of the jobs of the NSC is to oversee a secret panel that authorizes the assassination of “enemies of the United States Government” – including American citizens. These targeted killings are fully authorized by law under the Congressional military authorization act following 9/11. There is no trial, no due process, and no public record of the decision or the assassination itself.

Just to recap the absurdity: the President of the United States has appointed a known propagandist, nationalist, and white supremacist to replace the highest military adviser in the country on a council that authorizes secret, legal, targeted killings of American citizens (and others) without due process.

What You Can Do:
- Call your Senators and Congressperson this week and demand that they publicly and legislatively oppose Trump’s appointment of Steven Bannon to the NSC.

Jon S. Randal
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I am an immigrant, we are all immigrants. The only people who can say they are not immigrants or descended from immigrants are the first Americans, who welcomed the first Europeans to this country, and those descended from slaves, kidnapped from their land of birth and forced to work this land to make it what it is today. 

I am an immigrant, and I am thankful for the people who came before me, who had the courage to stand up for me and speak out in my defense when others, out of fear, out of hate, out of ignorance of the unknown, tried to ban me from this country.

I am the Irish immigrant who was discriminated against because of my religion. I am the Italian immigrant who was wrongfully labeled as violent, dangerous, and a member of criminal groups, such as the mafia. I am the Chinese immigrant, the first to be excluded from this great land because I worked too hard. I am the Japanese immigrant, imprisoned because I was from the same country this government fought. I am the Mexican immigrant, the Filipino immigrant, who was lured to work the fields that fed this great country, also later restricted. I am the Muslim immigrant fleeing my war-torn country bombed by this country, yet continuing to contribute to our medical fields to help the people of this land. Now banned.

We are all immigrants, we are here because of the graciousness of those before us who opened their hearts and said, "This is wrong, you cannot block an entire group of people, this is not us, this is not America."

If not for the Native Americans who helped and feed the first visitors to this land, many of us would not be here today. The Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Quakers, and the Calvinists, and many others came to this country fleeing religious persecution, yet now we exclude others because of their religion.

Immigrants to this country have contributed immensely, those who argue that only those immigrants who assimilated smoothly into this country and who forsaked their own traditions, their culture, their way of life, do not know their own history, they ignore what we take for granted, from oatmeal and whiskey (Irish), kindergartens, Christmas trees, hamburgers, and the Easter Bunny (Germany) to pizza (Italy), sewing machines and bikinis (France), herbal medicine, sushi and other Asian foods (Asia), French Fries (Belgium). Let's not forget that the personal computers, Mac, iPhone and iPad we enjoy today came from a man, Steve Jobs, whose father was a Syrian immigrant.

Chicken noodle soup? The combination of chicken and broth arrived from Greece, and, of course, the noodles from Asia, while the the all-American hot dog came from frankfurters in Germany and the first apple pie recipe came from England (there were only crabapples in the early Americas) and the apples themselves also from England, but originally from Asia.

And, our form of government, borrowed from the same people we called non-citizens, the Iroquoian League of Nations. The songs, the dances we enjoy to this day, the basis of, stolen from slaves from Africa. Our dedication to family, community, hard work, replicated from our Southern neighbors in Mexico and South America. Many other elements of our present culture, our foods, our literature, our current fashions, our entertainment, our sports, our health, many of our inventions, our very being borrowed from immigrants.

I am an immigrant. The Statue of Liberty welcomed us, the Bible says in Exodus 22:21 that "You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt." I am an immigrant, we were all once strangers to this great land, this land would not be what it is without us, when one group of immigrants is persecuted, we are all persecuted. I come forth from the faces of these young children in this photograph from Ellis Island, I am an immigrant.


Saudi Arabia is not on the GOP ban list, despite the reality of the 911 terrorist.

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