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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Enemies Are Us

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There is no substitute for class, decency, and maturity.  Traits we as a nation should expect from anyone who occupies the US Presidency.  

It is unfortunate but the aforementioned traits are not human personality tendencies which are learned once one reaches a certain age. We state paradigm traits. shifting one;s paradigm at age 70 will never take place. If we think of what's to come in late January with the inauguration of Trump, take this set of tweets and contemplate.

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Trump tweeted of enemies. We can assume he is speaking of Americans. His affinity for all things Putin (AKA" V. Putin") lead em to believe he isn't referring to a historic international adversary (in Russia). He has enemies in this country while he continues to side with international adversaries against US INTEL agencies.

Again, paradigms do not shift once we reach advanced ages.  

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I will leave the comparison of the two News Years Day wishes to your interpretation.

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