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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The TPI Gazettee: "You Are Fake News!"

" are fake news. No, I am not going to let you ask a question. "...

While CNN's evening broadcast was 100% Trump VS CNN and "fake News", The meeting between Trump and the US INTEL Chief, Clapper,  was a stoke of reality for the strangely motivated Trump.  Fareed Zakaria spoke on CNN's Tonight with Don Lemon. The segment was particularly newsworthy as Zakaria validated Trumps obvious ploy to whip CNN into his future Administration's model for censorship and non-questioning news reporters; basically favorable news only as Trump gets from Fox News.  (Zakaria interview follows after Media Matters)

When do we accept the signs of developing variations of fascism from the Trump administration?  It i obvious Trump doesn't believe in freedom of the press and it is also obvious he employs total lackeys who aren't successful at pushing back when their boss goes fascist.  

As he story unfolded all matters seem to indicate a strategy.  What is the old football axiom: "the best defense is an effective offense." How better to shape CNN into a Fox-like communications division frequently visited by highly compensated White House propagandist and information shapers.

Theatrics!  Trump is all about theatrics as he is the consummate reality TV show circus managers.  Theatrics is an indication of trouble to come from the Trump clan; attempts to censor and shape broadcast media is a much more serious problem.

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