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Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump Five Days Before The White House; Media Control?

“They are not going to discuss [the business] with me,” Trump said of his sons. “Again, I don't have to do this. They're not going to discuss it with me.”

Trump said he signed the papers in these stacks of folders, which his staff brought to Wednesday's press conference. The documents supposedly relate to his plan to turn over his businesses to his sons. Photo: CNN/Twitter

Within a matter of hours CNN ran an update regarding the folders.
Reporters were blocked from examining the documents, which appear to lack labels, sticky notes or any writing. Photo: CNN/Twitter

While the Snopes website has published a piece (analysis and opinion) the possibility of fake papers is unproven, I personally believe Trump and his circus would not hesitate to offer fake documents. Let's be real, Trump has played the US voters who support and voted for him. He is now moving towards whipping US media into providing non-critical coverage of his antics, his lies, and his reality show subterfuge.

Speaking of subterfuge, why does Trump circus have so very many characters who seem to have the word plagiarism as a cloud which follows them around like the unsheddable dust cloud of the Peanuts character "Pig Pen?"

First, the was the Melania Trump speech with blatant plagiarism from a previous speech delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama. Sadly, for many the speech plagiarism led to the discovery of a trail of background education and experience lies posted on Melania Trump's website. 

With 24 hours (and at the same GOP Convention) Trumps elder son (Jr) also touched into the art of speech delivery with borrowed text. While the original author of Jr.'s words and writer of Jr.'s convention speech, Frank Buckley, denied there was verbiage "stealing", denial of a failure to attribute was clear and present.

Alas, the Trump act continued to the reported anticipated hire of a former Fox News personality (analyst): Monica Crowley. Well, the "P" word rose its revealing head once again. I should qualify my use of the "P" word. I am not referencing the much more reported Trump use of the "P" word and physical abuse of certain women. 

Plagiarism again bit the Trump camp. 

While I don't spend good personal time watching and listening to Trump and his staff, I do feel it noteworthy to offer a Guardian UK piece about Trump's recent press conference. The Conference at which he strategically and quite intentionally used a CNN reporter as the subject of Trump's obvious work to mold US media.


It’s safe to say that the Trump administration is already in shambles – and it hasn’t even started yet

Molding and shaping the message from US media is dangerous to humankind as the proliferation of the Third Reich in the mid-1920s. Without hesitation, and with only minor disagreement the time-worn adage is true: "As The US goes, so goes the world." We are, however, seeing fleeting examples of push back to Trump's propagandists and "presstitutes." watch and listen as Anderson cooper dealt ;with Kelly Anne Conway a few days ago.

I will close this piece with a most thoughtful and accurate media related opinion piece from Robert Reich, liberal activist and former head of the Department of Labor in the Bill Clinton Administration.  The piece was published towards the end of November. linked here.

UPDATE: Media Matters for America published a piece this morning (January 18, 2016) which details Trump's obvious strategy to mold and shape the media. If you think for a moment the strategy is also promulgated to control you.  Media Matters linked here.

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