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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump "Presstitute" Shows Why Trump Doesn't Want Criticism

I thought I would share a Facebook post regarding a recent CNN interview conducted by Chris Cuomo with show guest Kelly Ann Conway: chief Trump spokesperson (AKA "presstitute"). 

As you read the words of Vincent R. Butler, remember Trump (after three additional weeks of vote counting) lost the popular vote by 2.84 million votes. Also consider a vote dynamic which did not exist 200 plus years ago, as the young nation pulled itself away from Britain. A dynamic which directly contributes to flawed election results. We seem to have an expectation of the election ending before midnight on election night. End by midnight elections as if we are waiting for the end of a three-plus hour football game. The probable genesis of such: cable and network broadcast news networks. Cable News networks seem to have acquired the role of calling electoral victories across the states without any level of rational reason for such. Who gave Wolf Blitzer the right and expectation to push his election board guy, John King, to call states to secure that important election night call: "We are calling North Carolina for Trump?" 

It is impossible to believe the Electors didn't wait until districts officially closed the voting in each state. I also find it impossible to believe that process didn't take well over a month after election day. And, it was accomplished with consideration of the popular vote as a contributor to and votes cast by Electors. 

Yes, Mr. Butler's comments related to an "illegitimate" (voting) process are point-on. 

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Vincent R. Butler

Chris Cuomo had her on the ropes the entire time (over 15 minutes). It's a tough job trying to clean up after Trump lol. Kellyanne Conway is a slithery snake who is tough to nail down....the question was simple. "Why doesn't Trump believe that Russia intervened in our Election on Trump's behalf...which has been proven by the FBI/CIA". The question has nothing to do with President Obama or Hillary Clinton....but Cuomo had to continually try to bring Conway back from pivoting to those subjects.

She was lying. She was pivoting to try to change the subject to President Obama and Hillary Clinton, one point she said that Russia DID NOT want Trump to win....DESPITE all the FBI/CIA evidence to the contrary!!!! Also, DESPITE the OBVIOUS Bromance between Trump and Putin.

These people just obviously think that Americans will believe any lie that comes out of their mouths. And, they are 100% correct about many of us.

It was a very good interview, in my opinion. Cuomo didn't let up on her.......well maybe he did let up a bit.

Trump's people are fighting to legitimize an illegitimate election process which got Trump elected. ...they do NOT want the truth to be publicized.

Full Interview:

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