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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trump Working Strategy On CNN

Non-Progressive News " are fake news. No, I am not going to let you ask a question. "...

Can you imagine such bodacious childish behavior for a person who is about to be seated in the highest office in the land? Yes, the comment was issued by non-other than president-elect Trump while pointing a finger at Jim Acosta of CNN News.  

Trump's first presser in over 150 days, and he started the presser with pre-planned vindictiveness and strategy. Strategy?  Yes, without question a case of the best 'defense is an offense' and an effort to back CNN into a position of favorable reporting much like Fox News.

What a way to pay back a network which Trump owes so much. What network was the first to facilitate Trump's campaign by "call-in?" Which network work tireless and with much energy on election night at having states called for Trump. Wolf Blitzer election night performance was virtually orgasmic regarding his zeal at pushing John King to state by state (board) call electoral wins for Trump was literally pathetic and somewhat bush-league. CNN top management has admitted to over-playing Trump throughout the campaign. How can anyone forget Anderson Cooper's almost worship like announcements of Trump's campaign rally arrivals? " There's his plane taxiing along the tarmac."  

Alas, the carnival barker repays those who paved his path the White House.
" are fake news. No, I am not going to let you ask a question. "...
We will start with Media Matters and roll to Talking Points Memo.
Media Matters 

CNN's Jim Acosta Reports That Incoming Press Secretary Spicer Threatened To Throw Him Out Of Trump Press Conference

After CNN Broke Trump-Russia Story, Trump Attacked CNN And Acosta During Press Conference
WOLF BLITZER (HOST): I want to go to Jim Acosta, our White House correspondent, who is inside Trump Tower. He was at the news conference. Jim, I know you very assertively tried to get a question in. [President-elect Donald Trump] pointed at you and said he didn't want to take your question, he said "fake news." 
Tell us what it was like for you when you saw what was going on. 

JIM ACOSTA: Well, Wolf, at the beginning of that news conference Donald Trump indicated that he was not going to call on me or call on CNN. He sort of pointed at me at one point and then waved his hand as if, “you're not going to get a question.”

Read more, here.

Fascism takes shape. During this mornings press conference Trump refused to allow the number two cable news network a question. He asserted CNN is fake news:  

If you are curious and more into Trump than most rational people, CSPAN posted the full hour-long presser. As I am not a reality show follower, lover, nor watcher I didn't waste today's hour on Trump.

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