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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trumpism: News Fakery and Controlling (You Lose In Either Case)

As this Friday's Trump Inauguration nears, make note of the fact you are the subject of ongoing media related subterfuge from the Right. The latest example of total fascism in media comes from none other than the Right's number one video propagandist. James O'Keefe has been outed for attempting to stage fake violent protests in or around the inauguration festivities.  The Young Turks.
TYT's Eric Byler (htp:// takes you behind the scenes of the counter-sting operation that exposed James O'Keefe, Allison Maass and their propaganda outlet, Project Veritas. Video and audio catch Maass offering to pay money for the incitement of riots at Donald Trump's inauguration. Linked here. Or view 6 minute video below.


How about a bit subterfuge corporate sanctioned Trumpism from CBS news (Atlanta affiliate)? The Atlanta station employs a reporter (or host), Ben Swann, has an obvious mission relative to moving Trumpism forward. He is a mind shaper to the maximum and one to be avoided like a rabid animal.

Towards the end of December, we published a couple of pieces regarding Trumpism messaging. Both pieces centered around broadcasts with Swann's efforts to fulfill a role most TV hosts or reporters would avoid: a mouth-piece for Trumpism and a misinformer par excellence.

Basically, Ben Swann is a Right-wing "newsertainer."
Definition: newsertainers (noun); An employee of a broadcast media network hired to deliver scripted teleprompter scripts, or host a news related show. The media model is characterized via obvious efforts to attract viewers (by any means necessary) and the model is promulgated by his/her employer to literally shape message and information delivered to an audience. The scope and variety of newsertainers runthe gamut from leggy blonds, obvious mis-information purveyros,through Jerry Springer-like panel shows (CNN) to over-talking often cogent hosts on MSNBC.
I offer an excerpt from a December, 29th piece: "Newsertainers", Obama Sanctions On Russia CBS News
A few days ago I ran across the following (below) four minutes video segment from CBS. The segment is supposedly a fact-check which refutes the CIA's claim of Russian interference in the recent General Elections. The video has even garnered favor from die-hard Clinton supporters; an astounding reality. 
As I am not one of the neo-Obama (Administration) critics like the suddenly ever-present Sam Stein) and other far lesser celebrity types like a few of my Facebook friends who are effusing in Obama criticism now that we have four weeks left in Presidency, I do not accept the CBS video as either credible nor newsworthy. It is just another attempt to garner viewers with that new slant: attract both left and right viewers with slick with creatively developed "denial stories."
Why would the CIA desire to fabricate such a story? 

I believe the NSA Chief also commented on its concerns with Putin ordered hacking of the DNC.  Since the CIA and the NSA have issued statements regarding probable Russian election hacking, why should I consider CBS's report anything other than a ratings trap?
If you visited the linked December piece, you know it took less than three days from proper administration handling of Russian election tampering to come forth. You may have also noticed Mr. Swann's assertion of "no evidence" is a common refrain in untruthful denials. Moreover, his lack of insight into the inner workings of matters of INTEL showed like two left shoes. In more common terms, Swann seems to be a right-wing mouthpiece who entertains an audience with little respect for fair and open reporting mixed with what seems a mission to promulgate on behalf of the new administration. He is not a journalist; he is a "newsertainer."

Related imageThe Message Will Kill You...If The Message Is Absent Truth.

Trump and his handlers are feeling us out for the real possibility, Trump ay bar real "newsertainment" networks from the White House Press Corp. 

Also, a tidbit from HUFFPO

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