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Friday, January 27, 2017

"Trump's Wall" A President's Misguided Dog Whistle War With Mexico

Image result for mexico's wall on its southern border

Within one week of infesting the White House, Trump has commenced his campaign to fulfill his campaign promises to build a wall on the US southern border.  How would you expect a bloviating pathological lair to commence the post-inauguration wall campaign? Of course, he threw out a major lie to reach the psyches of minion supporters and fear-driven members of Congress. Fear driven members of Congress?  Yes, to oppose is to lose when Trump and his moneyed supporters spend on candidates who will oppose non-supportive members of congress come the mid-terms in 2018. Also, Trump offers the GOP House and Senate majorities opportunity to further suppress the vote of minorities, the elderly and women. His baseless claim of immigrant ("illegal in his vernacular) contributed to his losing the popular vote to Clinton by 2.84 million votes is typical of the manipulative demagogue. 

He offers a real basket of goodies for repressive and regressive GOP politicians. He also offered propaganda laden fodder to the very supporters who voted Trump to the US Presidency.

Apparently, Trump's early morning tweeting about the wall and the strategic effort to manipulate the President of Mexico led to a Mexico's President addressing his nation, and the world. 

NPR also ran a piece on Trump's phantom problem.

Houston, we do not have a problem!

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