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Sunday, January 8, 2017

While Trump Lies Russian Hacking Draws More Attention

Let's start this piece with a syllogism.

  1. an instance of a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn (whether validly or not) from two given or assumed propositions (premises), each of which shares a term with the conclusion, and shares a common or middle term not present in the conclusion (e.g., all dogs are animals; all animals have four legs; therefore all dogs have four legs ).
    deductive reasoning as distinct from induction.
    • "logic is rules or syllogism"
    • A categorical syllogism consists of three parts:
      • Major premise
      • Minor premise
      • Conclusion

Major premise:  Trump lies 80% of the time

Minor premise:  Trump talks and tweets incessantly.
Conclusion: When Trump speaks he is lying more than truth telling.

While millions have grown accustomed to Trump's lying, as he moves to the US Presidency his penchant for lying will become extremely troublesome (and dangerous). Of late, Trump's absolute refusal to consider the fact Russia assisted in his general election win has far-reaching implications for national security as well as the mental state of the nation. If we know he pathologically lies, his trust factor will sit towards the bottom of believability.

As US INTEL chiefs have released reports detailing the Russian hacking while attributing the espionage directly to Vladimir Putin(AKA V. Putin by Trump), the president-elect has circled the wagons around the issue. He nor his staff seem to admit US INTEL is point-on regarding the hacking. A refusal which is both perplexing and questioning as to why. Many media outlets are reporting on the matter; I have chosen and NBC and an MSNBC video segment for highlighting the extent of Trumps obtuse state of mind and related lying about matters of Russian hacking.

NBC News

The Rachel Maddow Show (must view)

It is important to recognize, international leaders read the same information we read about Trump; they also know Trump is a serial liar. Is there a reader among you who actually believe that is a good thing?

As of this morning, it seems Trump has moved away from his over-the-top defense of Putin's hackers. he apparently OK'd his future Chief of Staff to appear on Fox News and speak for him. Typical of a person who isn't big enough to reverse his puzzling refusals to accept the level to which Putin assisted in his election.  

Interesting. Now where do we go with Putin from this point?

The Guardian UK recently published a piece including INTEL of far too frequent contacts between Trump and Putin. The piece states that the US was warned of what seemed an odd chummy relationship between countries which have maintained a distant and adversarial relationship.
It may be worthwhile to also remind both Clinton and Trump received security briefings as the fall campaigns moved towards voting day. Clinton actually mentioned Russian hacking during a debate. Trump chose to mock the INTEL with mentioned of the prospect of a 400 lbs hacker sitting on a couch.

Thwshamee of it all.

We will end this piece with a reminder of Donald Trump's loss regarding the US popular vote.   

Alas, the failures of the US electoral System. One would think a 200 plus year old system would receive a degree of tweaking to stop new networks from calling state by state wins when everyone knows the final vote count wouldn't be as flashed across CNN's broadcast screens. Let's be real your Great-Great Grandfather didn't have election wins and losses available to him a mere 12 hours after the voting places opened for business. When did we move to election results required complete but midnight on election night?

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