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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who Will Pay For Trump's Wall

Do you remember this?

Despite the reality of everyone on the POclait left knowing trump was lying about "getting Mexico to pay for the wall," Millions upon millions went to bed at night with full faith in their Messiah. They believed Trump would force Mexico to build a wall on the US Southern Border. A wall to keep brown people from migrating to the US. when in actuality the numbers of immigrants seeking to cross the US southern border is down.

The Washington Office on Latin America Five Facts about Immigration from Central America (2015)
Image result for US southern border immigration numbers

In February 2016, Mother Jones published a piece with graphics indicating illegal immigration from the country of Mexico was substantially down from the previous five years.

Image result for US southern border immigration numbers  I think it is safe to assume the Mother Jones data carried similarly over into 2015 and 2016.  

If immigration is down according to data from very reliable sources, how could so many blindly follow Trump's racist rants against Mexico as real?Ok, now that we have reestablished Trump's campaign lie as the cornerstone of his campaign lying, we can move to you and me.  

Guess who will pay for trump and his deplorable's southern border wall?  If the GOP majority Congress has any say, you and I will pay for Trump's racism/campaign bull crap.

The LA Times and all credible point and broadcast media are reporting on Paul Ryan's scrounging around congressional budgets to secure funding for Trump's wall. 
Congress begins to search for funds to help Trump build border wall
Noah Bierman , Brian Bennett and Noah BiermanContact Reporters 
Republicans in Congress are beginning to grapple with how to help President-elect Donald Trump fulfill one of his biggest campaign promises: to build a wall along the Mexican border to slow illegal immigration.
Trump is expected to ask Congress to provide the initial funding for the massive project, estimated to cost between $12 billion and $38 billion.
Read more linked here.
All said non-voters, third party voters, Putin and voter suppression in three key states will lead to your and me paying for Trump's irrational campaign tool. We will pay for the wall. 

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