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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Weekly Rant Via Vincent R. Butler

Vincent R. Butler

Has any President in history ever had a worse three week start? Not that I know of!!

Failed Muslim Travel Ban which caused chaos all over America, a failed Yemen Raid in which two Americans were killed and six were wounded, getting his daughter fired from Nordstroms, Mexico told Trump to go screw himself in regard to paying $22 Billion for a Trump is trying to charge taxpayers!! Announcing that the quick ObamaCare Repeal & Replacement won't be so quick. ..changed to Year 2018, 30% Approval Rating, and Protests against him all over the World.

Now, his top National Security guy was caught red-handed sharing info with Russia and had to go! Trial for Treason forthcoming. (?)

WHERE DID FLYNN GET HIS ORDERS????? Trump knew at least a month ago when acting Attorney General Sally Yates (fired by Trump) told Trump that Michael Flynn was a blackmail liability.

Trump's nightmare isn't over yet.....COMING FOR YOU TRUMP!!!! Impeachment and Trial on the horizon! ! GETTING HOT UP IN HERE!!

Thanks Trump!
Thanks Trump Supporters!
Thanks Hillary Haters!
Thanks Bernie Or Busters!
Thanks to all Non-Voting Fools!
Thanks RUSSIA!
Thanks FBI/Comey!

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