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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Any Foundation For Fascism Is Grounded In Media Control

Have we actually moved to the use of media to advance an agenda which may have a basis in gleeful support from Russia's Putin? It appears Trump and company are about promulgating a dual mission. First, cover up Russian involvement in Trump's campaign win (along with associated interaction with Russian officials). Second, Trump and his henchmen are literally working to develop a communication support system akin to that developed for the Third Reich by none other than Joseph Goebbels.

Watch, read and discern what follows.  There is no other name for this (figurative) horse. 

Take a look at how Trump and Bannon's gaggle shook out. 
◆ NY Times
◆ LA Times
◆ BuzzFeed
◆ The Guardian

◆ Breitbart
◆ Washington Times
◆ Fox

So, Trump and his communications team, invited a handpicked "co-signing conservative media outlets to literally feed information via those outlets to Trump's supporters.  

Where have we seen such as we consider post 19th Century history?

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Pew Research regularly polls regarding American ideology and media considered attractive and relevant based on ideology.

Pew Research (2014 Ideology survey)

Ideological Placement of Each Source's Audience

A whopping 44% of those who responded to Pew's survey said they got news from CNN in the past week. Other network and cable news outlets — Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC — took the remaining top five spots. Fox's audience leans conservative, while CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have audiences that lean left.
Even with data which is approached three years old, the Trump/Bannon/Priebus strategy is stark and as revealing as Trump's comb-over. Restrict real media, real journalist and feign away from probing eyes from people who are not part of the Trump sycophancy or the Trump target audiences.

While MSNBC didn't make this particular Trump "real news end run", MSNBC ran a couple of segments last night worthy of international scrutiny.  A Department of Homeland Security leaks has revealed telling details about Trump's flawed travel ban. We are also coming around to what is appears more and more like a Nixon political cover up. We have posted the following segment as a contrast to any reporting you will find on Fox News, Breitbart (in any form) and other conservative propaganda networks.  Late night MSNBC:

I ask that you review the Pew Research graphic once again before you move to the following parts of this post.
Mediaite published a piece about yesterday's "choice" non-public briefing with media sources to the right of the Pew graphic. 

CNN and Other Media Outlets Blocked From White House Gaggle

A number of media outlets have been blocked from attending a White House press gaggle being held today. Among those banned are CNN, Politico, the LA Times, BuzzFeed and the New York Times. (CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin immediately commented that this was “not okay.”)

Spicer requiring sign up for an 'expanded pool gaggle' -- w/ right to exclude reporters, after berating smaller pool this morning.

Partial list of orgs invited 2 limited access Spicer briefing: Breitbart, FOX, WashTimes, WSJ, CBS, NBC, ABC, Bberg. AP invited but declined
The Associated Press and TIME boycotted the gaggle due to these outlets being banned.

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