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Saturday, March 4, 2017

UPDATE: Maddow's Take On Russian Cronyism And Fox New's Non-Coverage

Yes, We know, Rachel Maddow is known for very long "A" Block intro segments to her show. There are times when the "A" Block intro is so very long, I become lost and anxiously await the next segment.  Yet, when I persevere, Maddow's "A" Block segments are obviously the result of superior research, careful production planning, and detail production room segment development.  Last night The top MSNBC show host delivered a long segment which should be view by every American and then by any intellectually curious person in across the globe.

The segment runs 21-plus minutes, but give it a viewing and you will come away with intriguing prospects about international upper crust high-dollar privilege and cronyism.  Sadly, and as you may have anticipated that very cronyism is neatly settling in atop the US federal government. 

Trump choices, like Manafort, not so odd from Russian perspective

Rachel Maddow notes that some of what seems hard to explain about Donald Trump's choices, like picking Paul Manafort to be his campaign manager, make more sense from a Russian perspective.

If you think Maddow's segment was a bit long, yet worthwhile (as she promised), think about people who live, breathe and evolve around Fox News. MediaMatters published a Facebook post which shows the utter ridiculuosness of Fox News's and its news room manager's total indifference to a matter of national sovereignty. (Click the image below)

If Maddow didn't wear you down with what could be historic and nation damaging cronyism regarding Donald Trump and his billionaire cabinet nominees, give this next segment a short view.  Trump's Scott Pruitt may have lied to Congress regarding a private email account.

Did the reporters report on a Trump appointee and GOP confirmed cabinet officials private non-authorized email account? Surely not!

UPDATE: Huffington Post on Trump Businesses in Cyprus.

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