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Saturday, February 25, 2017

ObamaCare A Thorn For The GOP

After years of conservative and Right-wing politician railing about the ACA (AKA ObamaCare), it seems the worms has turned with most Americans interested in keeping the core of the law.

The GOP majority in the US House of Representatives have, over the past few years, wasted 58 repeal ObamaCare votes. Each vote cost the nation $1.4 to $1.6 million per vote.  The math yields an alarming waste of our tax dollars and Congressional resources wasted on obstructing Obama.

Connect The Dots offers a graphic with specifics lists of ACA benefits important to millions. 

The following Huffington Post favorability ratings are also reflective of a GOP out of touch with the nation, even though Pew Research data shows a much highrr favorbaility rating.

Hufffington Post ACA (ObamaCare)

Latest Polls

Feb 16 – Feb 19
2,013 Registered Voters
46459Favor +1
Feb 13 – Feb 19
11,512 Adults
52453Favor +7
Feb 7 – Feb 8
712 Likely Voters
473914Favor +8
Jan 30 – Jan 31
725 Likely Voters
464113Favor +5
Jan 23 – Jan 24
1,043 Likely Voters
454114Favor +4
Jan 20 – Jan 22
1,992 Registered Voters
47458Favor +2
Jan 15 – Jan 18
1,006 Registered Voters
50460Favor +4
Jan 12 – Jan 16
1,036 Adults
50350Favor +15
Jan 12 – Jan 15
1,000 Adults


-Favor +2

Pew Research continues to publish polling results with a favorable disposition to the ACA.  Contrary to Trump peppering his minions with words of "fake polls" Nate Silver;s 538 blog lists Pew with an B plus rating and a slight left lean (to be fair).  

Talking Points Memo published a piece earlier today with favorable ACA results at the level of 54% approval. (CLICK image below)

What is it about the ACA doesn't the GOP understand?  Would you care to wager, the majority party in the US Congres will work to motivate the ACA Vs. a full repeal?  Of course, GOP ideology induces fears of improvements which will appear as such, but in the long run fail the spirit of providing healthcare to Americans. 

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