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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Organized Town Hall Disruptors? Hardly!

While Trump goes about his obvious effort to control the minds of Americans, someone on Twitter exercised their right to speak out.

That stated, let's take another look at how conservative America practices:  "Do as we please, but don't you dare do same."  More commonly referred to as hypocrisy. 

For years, I maintained a link on the page since the GOP and the Koch brothers first developed and promulgated that came to be known as the "Tea Party" and associated protest. Protests which included town hall meeting disruption of liberal politicians. One noted Tea Party operative from Wisconsin actually keyboarded a strategy for stifling pro-ACA town hall dialogue and information sessions (town halls).

History Commons

Right Principles was a participant or observer in the following events:

A screenshot from a Democratic National Committee ad highlighting phrases from the memo.A screenshot from a Democratic National Committee ad highlighting phrases from the memo. [Source: Weekly Standard]
The conservative Web site and political action committee (PAC) Right Principles releases a memo entitled “Rocking the Town Halls: Best Practices,” written by Bob MacGuffie, a founder of the organization and a volunteer with the “Tea Party Patriots,” a subsidiary of the conservative lobbying group FreedomWorks (see April 14, 2009). [THINK PROGRESS, 7/31/2009TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, 8/6/2009] The organization is very small—basically MacGuffie and four friends—and although MacGuffie volunteers with the aforementioned tea party group, he insists he and his organization have no connections to the much larger and well-funded FreedomWorks or other lobbying organizations that support anti-health care protests. “We are recommending with that memo that other grassroots groups that share our view should go to the town halls of their members and use the strategy that we did,” MacGuffie says. “We are trying to get into that town halls to make them understand that they do not have the unanimous support from people in their communities.” [TPMDC, 8/3/2009] Although the site either never posts the memo or takes it down shortly after, it quickly circulates throughout the conservative community (see July 23, 2009), and will be used to disrupt “town hall” meetings by Democratic House members, who intend to spend time during the August recess holding such meetings to discuss the Obama administration’s health care proposals. [RIGHT PRINCIPLES, 2009THINK PROGRESS, 7/31/2009] MacGuffie later claims to have first e-mailed the memo to “8-10 community activists” in June. [WEEKLY STANDARD, 8/5/2009]

'Best Practices' - The memo advises conservative activists and protesters of the best ways to dominate and disrupt the town hall meetings. Basing the memo on actions conducted by Right Principles members and supporters during a May 2009 town hall meeting held by Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT), MacGuffie writes, “We believe there are some best practices which emerged from the event and our experience, which could be useful to activists in just about any district where their congressperson has supported the socialist agenda of the Democrat leadership in Washington.” Some of the steps include:
bullet Artificially inflating numbers. “Spread out in the hall and try to be in the front half. The objective is to put the rep on the defensive with your questions and follow-up. The rep should be made to feel that a majority, and if not, a significant portion of at least the audience, opposes the socialist agenda of Washington.”
bullet Being disruptive from the outset. “You need to rock the boat early in the rep’s presentation. Watch for an opportunity to yell out and challenge the rep’s statements early.” The memo also advises, “Don’t carry on and make a scene, just short, intermittent shout-outs.”
bullet Attempt to rattle or goad the speaker. “The goal is to rattle him, get him off his prepared script and agenda. If he says something outrageous, stand up and shout out and sit right back down. Look for these opportunities before he even takes questions.”
The memo also attaches some possible questions for the representatives, “which apply to most any Democrat that is supporting the socialist agenda,” it says. [BOB MACGUFFIE, 7/2009 pdf fileTHINK PROGRESS, 7/31/2009] Progressive news and advocacy Web site Think Progress will note that the questions closely resemble talking points handed out in July by FreedomWorks. [THINK PROGRESS, 7/31/2009] Liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow will accuse Right Principles of crafting a “how-to” manual for disruptive “rent-a-mob” activities. [WASHINGTON TIMES, 8/6/2009] The conservative Weekly Standard will accuse “liberal media” outlets such as Think Progress and MSNBC of “manufacturing outrage” over the memo, and prints MacGuffie’s denials of having any connections to FreedomWorks. “There is no formal connection,” he says. “I don’t know anyone from FreedomWorks.” [WEEKLY STANDARD, 8/5/2009]
It is important to know the Right Principle document has been scrubbed for quick searches acorss the full scope of the internet. In 2009, liberal social media covered the movement and its town hall disruption strategy memo. The link in the excerpt below leads no place. 

Inside The Tea Partiers Anti-Health Care Organizing Campaign

Earlier today, I reported that a Freedom Works volunteer, and tea party protester, named Robert MacGuffie had authored a strategy memo for his fellow activists--a playbook of sorts for protesters seeking to disrupt and harass members of Congress during town hall forums in their districts. 

MacGuffie and four friends lead a group called Right Principles, described as "a communication and organizing platform so those for whom our core beliefs...ring true." Despite his connection to Freedom Works, MacGuffie insisted to me that his group is unaffiliated with the wealthy conservative interest groups that have fronted the right wing tea party events.
And, here is how it worked: linked (the video isn't of best quality).

Therefore, we have documented evidence of right wing strategy to disrupt congressional town hall meetings. On the other hand we also have a known and verified serial liar NYC bloviating carnival barker spewing lies about pad disrupters from the Left. Granted some of the town hall participation this season is organized (meeting notifications, etc), but paid disrupters is a stretch.

I remind!

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