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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Daily GOP ignominious:Town Halls, Coal Miners, Trump Dissonance , And The Coloring Book

Town Hall anyone? according to Trump's number one White House presstitute, what we are seeing are not real (not reality). Basically, Spicer hit the Press Room stage with what Trump's Number two presstitute calls alternative facts."

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It is called malcontent. I actually believe many of the people in these meetings are suffering from chronic cognitive dissonance or voter remorse (if you prefer). Before our Twitter video journey, PBS published a piece about attendance at the Town Halls. 

Trump presstitute Spicer deployed alternative facts in the face of the reality of major district malcontent 
The GOP NO Show
 Town hall meeting at my local mosque in Boonton, NJ. @USRepRodney did not show up. Sad! #resistancerecess— Safia Ansari (@safianoor) February 22, 2017
From open town hall rebellion to a constituency Trump used to sway the hearts of many on the Right; the less informed who actually believe the coal industry has a real future.  If we accept their desperation in voting for Trump, why can't they accept their role in the GOP's fight to repeal the very healthcare laws they have used to sustain life.
Couldn't these people see Trump as a GOP Trojan Horse?  
If you feel their are GOP mavericks about who will eventually save you (and us) from Trump, think again.
How often GOP "mavericks" have voted with Trump so far:Graham: 100%Rubio: 100%McCain: 94%Paul: 90%— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) February 18, 2017
There are no mavericks, there are no saviors. Your vote protest vote or non vote was a vote cast for Trump.
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